House is a place where we take shelter or accommodation. Where we live. So, “to dream” a house is a good sign in general. There are many dreams of house.


  1. If a lady or a person is cleaning house with a broom in a dream, it symbolizes

great wealth and prosperity will come in real life . It also gives a message to keep harmony with other family members in real life.


  1. Dreaming that, a house is on fire, it is a very negative indication. A great loss is going to happen in real life. Enemies will increase, you may face a financial problem, you may have to bear mental pain or may be harassed physically. The house is already burning , we cant recover the burnt things .so it gives a message to be very careful in real life.


Where as a house is” catching fire” in front of the person in the dream is an indication of the end of trouble or end of your problem in real life. It is just cached the fire .. going to burn .. so it will burn our problem too.


  1. Dream of a multi-storied house indicates economic prosperity. The meaning of “multi” is more than one or many. To construct a house , money is required.So , it is a good dream. It is also an indication of promotion in the job. A good chance to have own house in real life.
  2. House fallen or collapse due to any reason is an indication of bad luck . Misfortune will grab the person in real life.

Where as House construction is a good sign. construction,  means the creation of building . It is an indication of good events going to happen. The person may find out a new source of income, may get new openings in the job, may change the line in career.


5.If a person dream , of cleaning metal utensils inside a house, it’s a clear indication that he or she will go to execute a decision taken long back. So, Its a sign of great relief.


  1. Searching for your own house in a dream indicates your restlessness for self-identity. 


CASE STUDY–In 2011,a lady from a well to do family came to me .she narrated her dream . In her dream ,She was wandering for her house ,searching for her house and after much pain and anxiety she saw her house,she found her house at last. .I analyzed her dream .It was a mixture of good and bad .I told her that for the next three-four years you will move from one place to another place .After that you will get your house ,you will have your own house ,in your own name .And finally , in 2014,I was invited, at her house warming function. The duplex was registered on her name and her husband’s name .The interiors was done according her choice.


Now let’s talk about the dream on Running.


5.RUNNING— Running in a dream is a common dream . Running is a state of action or movement. So, Running in a dream indicates that you will overcome obstacles in life.


  1. Running away from a loved one means that you might get separated soon or that your relationship will become distant.


  1. Running away from a wild animal and if you manage to escape , it means that you will solve a problem in real life. If you do not manage to escape it, you will have to confront some unpleasant issues in real life for which you will feel sorry.

Where as , If the dream is about running away from an aggressive animal , its a sign of rescue from a threat in real life.


CASE STUDY--A person once , came to me and narrated his dream a few years back . In the dream, he was chased by a furious ox who was wandering on road in the market place. He managed to escape in a dream.

I advised him to be careful and not to be involved in any mass fighting or mass quarrel . But unfortunately , he was involved in a gang fighting in own residential area , which is called para in local language in Kolkata . Generally an Ox is not a harmful or dangerous animal. But when an Ox goes wild or angry, can harm anyone . In dream, the person was chased by an ox but managed to escape. So in real life, he was escaped by the help of a local man and other people went to the police station and locked up.


  1. Running bare foot in a dream indicates mishap is awaiting you in real life. When a dream indicates any bad events going to happen , we must do remedy . We should take a remedial measure.

Remedial measures depend on the tithi lord, the lord of theme, sometimes it depends on the paksha.



  1. Dream of the temple or any shrine indicates getting name and fame in real life.


  1. Dream of worshipping God, or goddess, offering flowers, offering naivaidya is very auspicious indication indeed.

Its a clear indication of prosperity , harmony and dignity in real life. One of my astrologer friends had experienced such a dream.

  1. Dream of Lord Ganesha, the sidhhidata, is an indication of your talent getting rewarded very soon in real life.


4.Worshipping Goddess Annapurna brings good luck. You will prosper in life. A new opportunity will come in your life.


  1. Salutation to Sun God brings economic prosperity, in life. The person will get respect in society, knowledge will enhance.

Where as, dream of rising Sun, bring good opportunity and an indication of child birth.A time of good luck.


6.Dream of Lord Shiva and mother Parvati increase the life span of a person in real life.


  1. Dream of Devi Parvati or Devi Uma, is an indication to tie the nuptial knot. Or getting married.

Here, I would like to share a dream of a girl.

CASE STUDY— I know a final year student in Jaipur. In 2017, She came to me with her mother. Her mother wasa  little surprised why she dreamt Devi Parvati. As ,her daughter was studying they were not mentally prepared for her marriage. They were not ready for her marriage . I analyzed the dream and told her mother to get prepared for her marriage. After 10 days her mother again came to me for match making for her daughter  .The marriage proposal came from a reputed business family and after two months just after her final examination over she got married.


  1. To dream Ista dev or Ista devi , all your wishes will be fulfilled in life in the near future.

Very surprisingly, the dream of chanting a mantra, it mea ns ,the concerned deity is pleased with you. You are blessed. I will discout it in detail in my mantra session.


9..Chanting “AUM” in a dream, will enhance your knowledge in real life , it will develop spirituality.


  1. To dream the idol of goddess Kali, is a good indication of getting success in sadhana.

CASE STUDY— Five years back one of my Bengali friend when saw maa kali in her dream everyone at her home laughed at her. She wanted to know the meaning of her dream. I told her that time has come to get a blessing from maa kali, nothing to worry . She was not into occult science, but got power of good intuition.


  1. Dream of God or Goddess is generally a good indication except for Devi Chinamasa.

Dream of Devi Chinamasa will encounter trouble or may have to tolerate death like pain in real life.

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