27 Nakshatras & 360 degrees(part 1)

27 Nakshatra and 360 degree ========================   360 degrees are divided into 27 parts.27 parts indicate nakshatras.These 27 nakshatra are grouped within 12 rashi or 12 Moon signs.                                            ——————–   Each degree has speciality.So,each nakshatra has some specific characteristics in its 4 sub-divisional charan or pada.So,every Nakshtra has 4 charan or pada.9 charan make one rashi.There are 12 rashi in […]

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How to attract money

HOW TO ATTRACT MONEY ….   Aries Ascendant—-   For people born under this ascendant, They should worship Hanuman Ji and should recite Hanuman chalisa daily.  Chanting Hanuman chalisa should be started from the day of Holika Dahan or any tuesday of Shukla Paksha Use red or brown color daily in their life.  Chant Mars tantrokta beej mantra daily: Om […]

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BENEFICIAL  COLORS  ——————————— In a horoscope,the 11th house is the house for benefits. The rashi is beneficial for the native.  Each rashi denotes a color. As it is the place or house for benefits, the rashi’s color also equally plays an important role.  In BPHS Sage Parashar described the color of Rashi.    If you have Aries Moon sign or […]

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