Tatwa and Bhav In horoscope

There are twelve bhav or house or place in horoscope .Each Bhav represent some facts of life.

Tatwa are four in types.





The 1st house(lagna or ascendant),5th house and 9th house -are  Agni tatwa or fire element houses or bhavas in a horoscope.

The second house ,sixth house and the tenth house–are Prithvi tatwa–or earth element houses or bhavas  in a horoscope.

The Third house ,seventh house and eleventh house–are Vayu tatwa /Air element houses in a horoscope.

The Fourth house, eighth house and the twelfth house–are the jal tatwa /water element houses in a horoscope.

Bhav                Tatwa

——                +——-

1,5 ,9                +Agni Tatwa

2,6,10                +Prithvi Tatwa

3,7,11                +Vayu Tatwa

4,8,12                +Jal Tatwa

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