Mars and the lord of 3rd house



MARS and the lord of 3rd house—


MARS is the planet of Courage, bravery and Boldness .To show talent, to express opinion/view one must have a strong Mars in the birth chart.


Third house in Birth chart indicates mental strength, nervous energy and will power .Strong third house makes one able to influence others.


Mars with other planets—–

1 .Mars &Sun—–Mars and Sun makes a native ambitious to get fame in Social circle, in public life and in politics.

2. Mars & Moon–—Mars and Moon makes a native of High temperament .Such native may be a dictator or may be a director in Film industry .Such a native can be a writer or editor (it require courage to write down Your feelings).Moodiness with bad temper is the negative aspect.


3 .Mars &Mercury—–Mars and Mercury makes a native clever, selfish, politician, writer and editor .Such native may be a good flatterer and a good orator also.


4 .Mars & Jupiter—–Mars and Jupiter makes a native highly qualified and Successful in work field .Such a person has interest in religion and spirituality .Speech will be highly influential.


5 .Mars & Venus—–Mars and Venus makes a native disobedient (not likely to follow rules or social trend).Such native have special attraction for opposite gender .Selfishness and Cunningness are the negative aspects .They have a magnetic speech. They are able to show off their talent more than they possess.


6 .Mars & Saturn—–Mars and Saturn makes a native hard worker .Such natives are unable  to show their talent properly .Their Hard work generally gets rewarded in second half of life.


7. Mars & Rahu—–Mars and Rahu makes a native very confident.


8 .Mars & Ketu—–Mars and Ketu makes a native very brave and talented.

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