Rahu Transit over Pieces(Meen Rashi)

Influence of Rahu Transit over Pieces(Meen Rashi)—-


The Shadow Planet Rahu has changed its rashi from Aries to Pisces .It will transit over Pieces from 29 October 2023 and will be there till 18 May 2025 for 18 months.Rahu will influence different natives in different ways by its existence ,aspect and conjunctions.


1.ARIES—-For those in job or Service,they will get promotion.Who are doing business,they will expand their business or improve .Growth is visible in the workplace.Those are interested to go abroad for pleasure trip or for job purpose ,may get opportunity to travel.Change in residence may happen.Transfer is likely.Expense will increase suddenly.


2.TAURUS—Whether you are in business or a professional or a job holder ,your income will increase.If you are in a relationship,your love life will be eventful positively.Long distance interaction with people will increase and it will be influential.If you are unmarried ,marriage may held.If you are married ,discord with spouse may happen.In other hand, You may get financial benefit from spouse.


3.GEMINI—If you are in a job or service, growth is visible.You may change your job too.Financial fluctuation will be there due to health.


4.CANCER—Your luck will change positively.There will be a change in your personality positively.If you are in a relationship ,disputes may occur.

Your inclination toward religion will develop.


5.LEO–Travel abroad with short notice is likely.You may shift your residence (rental or own house).Sudden profit from ancestral property is there.Those interested in learning any secret science may get a chance to learn.


6.VIRGO–Those who are in a job or service may be terminated suddenly or may be transferred with short notice.But financial benefit is most likely.If you are married a dispute may happen with spouse .If you are  searching for suitable candidate for you,you may get married.


7.LIBRA–If you are searching for a job,you may get it suddenly.In your service you may face challenges .Travel to foreign country is visible.Health issues may arise.


8.SCORPIO–If you’re in a relationship,a sudden problem or dispute may arise.If you are single you may enter into a relationship .Sudden income can not be denied.


9.SAGITTARIUS — Change in residence is visible.Disputes at home are likely.If you are searching for a new opportunity,you will get it.You may change your line of work.Foreign travel is possible those are interested.


10.CAPRICORN–Those searching for opportunities abroad ,will get suddenly.Problem in love life will be there if you are in a relationship.If you are married you will have a dispute with spouse and temporary separation may happen.


11.AQUARIUS–You may face problems in ancestral property.Trouble in job or work place may happen.You may get a new job also.Saving will be disturbed.


12.PIECES–Your personality will change.Dispute may happen with your love partner.Discord will be there with life partner.It is not the favorable time for luck.


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