POLITICS and Planets

Based on Acharya Chanakya’s principle a good politician should be able to use Sam, Dam, Danda and Bheda —


Karaka Planets for POLITICS—

1 .SUN—Influence, Fame and Establishment

  1. MARS—Courage, Leader and Conspirator (Danda)
  2. MERCURY—Arguments and Middle-man (Dam)
  3. JUPITER—Authority and Helpful (Sam)
  4. SATURN—Policy and principle, Leader and Minister
  5. RAHU—Leader, Advisor and Conspirator (Bheda)


A strong SUN in horoscope, has the ability to influence people.

A Strong SUN give FAME in politics.

A Strong SUN help the native to establish as a politician.


A Strong MARS in horoscope make the native brave and courageous.

A Strong MARS Make the native a Leader .The native will have the capacity to lead his followers in the right path.

A strong MARS can make the native a conspirator also.


A Strong Mercury make the native a mediator in politics.

A Strong Mercury can make the native very logical .Also the native will have the ability to argue with logic and practical approach.


A Strong JUPITER can make the native a person of authority.

A Strong JUPITER will make the person kind and helpful by nature.


A Strong SATURN makes the native a man of principles. The native will follow principles and rules.

A Strong Saturn make the native a Leader .If followed by Raj Yoga, the native will be a Minister also.



A Strong Rahu Make the native a Leader.

A Strong Rahu Make the native a very good political advisor.

A strong Rahu will give an ability to conspire.

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