Solution through GEM Stones

SOLUTION through Gem Stone (in general) —


RUBY—In general Ruby is useful for—

1. Administrative establishment

2. Luck

3 .To have Son

4. Beneficial for heart, Eye, Blood and Weakness

PEARL—In general pearl is useful for—

1.      Mental development

2.      Physical beauty

3.      Spouse and child

4.      Memory

EMERALD—In general Emerald is useful for —

1. Memory

2. Education

3. Wisdom

4. Business

5 .Beneficial to protect from evil spirit, Blood related health problem, Stone problem in gall bladder and Kidney, Eye, Asthma, Jaundice

DIOMOMD—In general DIOMOND is useful for—

1. Hypnotism

2. To get child

3. Wealth

4. Good health

5. Beneficial for married life

RED CORAL——In general RED CORAL is useful for—

1.      Land related matter

2.      Son

3.      Brother

4.      Protects from evil spirit

5.      Beneficial for blood related health problem ,weakness of body ,Heart and stomach related health problem


  BLUE SAPPHIRE—In general BLUE SAPHHIRE is useful for—

1. Name and Fame

2 .Wittiness

3 .Child

4. Beneficial for health, job and business






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