Rahu Transit 2019

Rahu will start its transit over Gemini on 7th March at 2.48 A.M. It will in transit over Gemini till 23rd September 2020 a period of one year six months sixteen days. Rahu is a terrible and cruel planet ( Chhaya Graha) . It is exalted in Taurus and debilitated in Scorpio. By nature, it is supposed to be dry and tamasic in nature.  It is a karmic planet. It will affect some Rashis positively and some will suffer from its negative effect. The effect due to this transit of Rahu is given here.


Mesh (Aries)  –

The transit will be favorable for Mesh and will result in good luck. Courage, will power and energy will increase. It will enhance communication and benefit in professions related to communication. Financial improvement is likely. Married life will be good. If involved in a legal case the native will be harassed by false witnesses.


Rahu transit is not favorable for Taurus born natives. Financial instability will be there. Health problems related to digestion, right eye will be there.  Please be careful of language while speaking as tendency to speak harshly during this period will be there which which will result in differences and tension. Sudden financial loss or litigation may be possible. Dispute in paternal property is indicated.

Mithun (Gemini)-

Rahu transit is unfavorable for Mithun. The transit will affect health, finances and personality negatively. Family related matters will create tension. Those suffering from ailments related to digestive system and kidney need to be very careful during this period.


Transit is favorable for natives of this zodiac. Foreign travel is indicated. Promotion is likely and change of house/place is indicated. Expenses will increase. Native may make a major investment. The native will be away from family for long period.


This transit augurs’ good luck for natives of this zodiac. Income will increase. This period is favorable for learning new skills. Short journey to a foreign country is possible. The Native will do well in competitions. The native will be away from spouse due to work. Those in politics and contesting election will win.

Kanya ( Virgo) –

Promotion is indicated for those in job. Events will result in increase of prestige. For politicians’ chances of winning are bright. Financially a very good year with increase in savings. Tensions will prevail at home.

At work place the native will face lot of competition.

Tula( Libra)-

Financially a good year for Libran. Foreign travel is likely. Luck will favor you. Personality will improve. Communication will improve. Native will be able to work on his writing skills which will enhance his finances.

Virschik ( Scorpio)-

Sudden gain is indicated. Native will not be able to pay attention to his family. The native may invest on parental property. Native should be very careful of speech to avoid friction. Ailments related to digestion will torment the native.

Dhanu (Sagittarius)-

This transit may result in loss of job. But for those in business the time is favorable. Loans will increase but income will also increase for those in business. There will be negative changes in personality like lethargy, procrastination or lack of courage.

Makar( Capricorn)-

Increase in debt is indicated. It is suggested that the native should avoid new investment. Financial condition will be volatile.


Kumbh( Aquarius)-

Income will reduce ,obstacles will increase in your effort to make money . Luck will not favor the native.

This transit is not favorable for the native. The native will be irritable during this period. Ailments related to digestive system may afflict the native.

Meen ( Pisces)-

Place change or house change is indicated. The native will move away from place of his ancestors. Financial instability, damage to immovable property and tensions at home are indicated.

The work environment will be very discouraging and native will lose interest in job.

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