Affects of Planets on Mind & Psyche

How planets effect Human Psychology—-

 The planets which play the most important and vital role in effecting our

mind and psyche —

1 .SUN—directly affects confidence .Confidence makes a person optimistic also.

If the person is not confident he/she may not have guts to set a goal in life.

A debilitated /neech Sun makes the native devalue himself/herself .Such a person

 is not able to work systematically towards preset targets. Such persons are

 lethargic and always procrastinating.

When Sun is eclipsed by Rahu, the person suffers .The house and the characteristics associated with that house are the most effected due to the placement of the eclipsed Sun in it. Suppose Sun and Rahu are placed in Lagna or in the Ascendant the personality of the native will be hampered.

A WEAK PERSONALITY plays a negative psychological role.


2. MOON—directly affects Mind and Mood. Mood swing and a pessimistic outlook never

give success in life .If  the Moon is debilitated the mind of that person is never in

 his/her control .He or she may lead his/her life by other’s wish or direction .An eclipsed

 Moon(more dangerous in conjunction with Rahu) creates anxiety, phobia  and a

 nervous tendency .It may create OCD(obsessive-compulsive disorder).

A STRONG MIND is the key to success.


 3 .MARS—directly affects will power .A strong will power give courage to act upon your plans

 in life. A debilitated Mars never gives mental strength. A person with debilitated Mars will not persevere  and exhibit strong will power. Hence such persons are fickle minded .If the native is under the influence of Mangalik or Kuja dosh these bad affects are more visible till the age of 28.

A combusted Mars never makes the individual courageous.

To WIN IN LIFE one has to take bold steps and accept the challenges.


4 .MERCURY—directly affects the analytical power of brain and our wisdom. A debilitated Mercury slows down the grasping capacity or learning ability .To memorize may be difficult or may affect speech. Mercury is the closest planet of Sun , it always stays within  28 degree from Sun .When mercury is at a distance of 0 degree  or less than 3 degree from Sun, Mercury is combust. Here combusted Mercury is not able to express its wisdom, intelligence in proper place in correct manner.

EXPRESSION of opinion, knowledge or speech is very essential.

MIND+ CONFIDENCE+ COURAGE+ WISDOM make an individual successful in life and help to live a fulfilling life as a human being.



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  • Keshava

    DOB: 15 Jan 1995
    Time: 09-48 am
    Place: Jaipur, Rajasthan

    I have Mangalik or Kuja dosh and also the above stated planets are in debilitated positions in my horoscope. What do i do, as i’m not seeing any beneficial results in my life right now (currently jobless). I have sasa yoga starting from 2022. Presently my life is heading to a dead end without any direction or purpose or goal. Kindly help.

    • admin

      Dear Keshav,
      You have shasha yoga in Lagna.
      Have patience,shasha yoga will give benefit to you.
      Mercury and Sun making Budhaditya yoga and Jupiter
      and Venus combined will give good result to you.

  • Shivansh Singh

    My date of birth is 11/11/2002, 10:04 am ,I am 18 years old and facing ego issues and negative thoughts and no motivation to do anything . Please help

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