Science Subjects and Planets


SCIENCE subjects and Astrological Combinations—

There are many branches in science .Such as Physics   , Chemistry,

Botany, Zoology   , Biology, Bio-technology, Mechanical Engineering,

Chemical Engineering, Electrical engineering & Electronics and

 Computer Engineering.

The responsible planets are –

1. Physics—Sun (main planet), and Saturn & Mercury are the helping planets.

2 .Chemistry—Moon and Mars (main planets), and Saturn is the helping planet.

3 .Zoology—Jupiter (main planet), and Venus & Rahu/Ketu are the helping planets.

4 .Botany—Jupiter and Ketu (main planets), and Venus is the helping planet.

5. Biology—Jupiter (main planet), and Mercury & Rahu/Ketu are the helping planets.

6. Micro-Biology—Jupiter, Moon and Ketu (all three are main planets) in Navamsh Kundali.

7. Bio-Technology—Moon (main planet) and Mars, Saturn & Rahu are the helping planets in Navamsh Kundali.

8. Mechanical Engineering—Mars (main planet) and Sun &Saturn are the helping planets.

9. Chemical Engineering—Moon (main planet) and Saturn & Mars are the helping planets.

10. Electrical Engineering & Electronics—Mercury (main planet), and Sun, Saturn & Mars are the helping planets.

With these planets must consider Fire element Rashi(Aries, Leo and Sagittarius).

11. Computer Engineering—Mercury (main), and Sun, Mars & Saturn are the helping planets.

     KETU—is the only responsible planet for language processing and programming. With this planet

must consider Fire element rashis(Aries ,Leo and Sagittarius).

Branches of Medical Science and Responsible Planets—

1 .Sun—ENT

2 .Moon—Gynecology and Pediatrics, Heart, Nutrition & diet Expert

3. Mars—Medicine, Dentistry, Hematology, Urology and Surgery.

4 .Mercury—Dermatology, Neurology

5 .Jupiter—Gastroenterologist, Medicine, pulmonologist

6 .Venus—Medicine   , Surgery, Dermatology

7. Saturn—Orthopedics, Anesthetist, Neurology, Pathology

8 .Rahu/Ketu— Anesthetist  ,Radiology

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  • Sonal R

    The best article I have ever read on this topic. Ma’am kindly help me by providing the planetary combination for Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering.

    • admin

      Dear Sonal,
      For the Electronics the main planet is Mercury.
      The associated Planets are sun Saturn and Mars
      The houses involved are 5th and 10th and Fire signs
      For tele communication the main planets are Mercury and Jupiter
      The associated planet is Moon
      The houses involved are 3rd,5th,9th and 10th
      Please watch my video on Your kaalchakra youtube channel for more details on Higher Education.

  • Sanjay Sehgal

    First time apt analysis of planets and the combination for various studies..I chanced upon your site while looking for significative fir chemical engineering and had idea that moon represents fluids , but your site clarified everything
    I have saved your site fir future reference..

    Could you pls post some article about journey of career through these studies..Because now a days people studying Engineering { all streams} are being hired by commerce firms and people are doing jobs not conversant with their studies

    Sanjay Sehgal Astrologer

    • admin

      Dear Mr.Sehgal,
      Thank you for your appreciation.
      I will definitely post an article in coming days regarding
      “Journey of career”.
      Thank you

      • Sankaranarayanan

        What about the divisions of chemistry namely organic and inorganic and physical chemistry … divide the planets responsible for these planets…I have heard that sun and venus closely relate to teaching of chemistry and I personally feel that venus or moon mostly relates with organic chemistry as it forms little basis for both engg and medical streams …THANK YOU …

  • Sankaranarayanan

    Maam .. pls the sections of chemistry are different namely organic chemistry (ketu )and for
    Inorganic and physical chemistry.. I have really no idea on it ..pls help me in this regard .. I desperately need this.. I think you can help me..


  • Vivek Digambar Deshpande

    I liked your explanation about the planets responsible for which educational branch.
    Thank you.
    Please do continue your guidance.
    Thank you

  • Sidd

    If something or the other is happening to my gedgets (mobile/laptop/etc), ie one after another is getting defected & I have to get it repaired. What planetory situation is indicative and remedy thereof.

    • admin

      Dear Sidd,
      It happened mostly because of Mercury in association with Mars and Saturn.
      Astrological remedy for it is to recite Hanuman Chalisha and Durga saptasati daily.
      Still you should check your horoscope by a learned Astrologer properly.

  • Kabi

    Can sun in 10th house for a scorpio ascendant make one a physicist ? Sun is in 29 degrees Uttaraphalguni.

    • admin

      Dear Mr.Kabi,
      In Scorpio ascendant Sun is the lord of 10th house.
      Sun is responsible for a Physicist .But your sun is
      29 degree. So ,it will not give that impact.

  • Nandini Sikri

    Mam pls tell how to increase the income for a scorpio ascendant whose 11th house lord that is mercury is in 6th house and 10th house lord that is sun is also in 6th house. Pls remedy it.

  • B. Arora

    Thank you so much for this informative write up. Excellent analysis!

  • Abisha

    Which planets help with Psychology ?

  • Shinjan Chakrabarty

    Mam which planet is responsible for biochemistry ?

    • admin

      Dear Sinjan,
      Moon is responsible for Bio-chemistry.Mars and Saturn are assistant planets for this subject.

  • Jiojhanve

    I born in 8/9/1973 9.10amChennai till date no job for me why

    • admin

      Dear Mr.jiojhanve,
      some people have Swaparjit dhan Yoga in horoscope.
      Some has Parajibi Poshana Yog in life.Your horoscope
      does not indicate job.

  • Thank you soooo much . Blessings

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