Science Subjects and Planets


SCIENCE subjects and Astrological Combinations—

There are many branches in science .Such as Physics   , Chemistry,

Botany, Zoology   , Biology, Bio-technology, Mechanical Engineering,

Chemical Engineering, Electrical engineering & Electronics and

 Computer Engineering.

The responsible planets are –

1. Physics—Sun (main planet), and Saturn & Mercury are the helping planets.

2 .Chemistry—Moon and Mars (main planets), and Saturn is the helping planet.

3 .Zoology—Jupiter (main planet), and Venus & Rahu/Ketu are the helping planets.

4 .Botany—Jupiter and Ketu (main planets), and Venus is the helping planet.

5. Biology—Jupiter (main planet), and Mercury & Rahu/Ketu are the helping planets.

6. Micro-Biology—Jupiter, Moon and Ketu (all three are main planets) in Navamsh Kundali.

7. Bio-Technology—Moon (main planet) and Mars, Saturn & Rahu are the helping planets in Navamsh Kundali.

8. Mechanical Engineering—Mars (main planet) and Sun &Saturn are the helping planets.

9. Chemical Engineering—Moon (main planet) and Saturn & Mars are the helping planets.

10. Electrical Engineering & Electronics—Mercury (main planet), and Sun, Saturn & Mars are the helping planets.

With these planets must consider Fire element Rashi(Aries, Leo and Sagittarius).

11. Computer Engineering—Mercury (main), and Sun, Mars & Saturn are the helping planets.

     KETU—is the only responsible planet for language processing and programming. With this planet

must consider Fire element rashis(Aries ,Leo and Sagittarius).

Branches of Medical Science and Responsible Planets—

1 .Sun—ENT

2 .Moon—Gynecology and Pediatrics, Heart, Nutrition & diet Expert

3. Mars—Medicine, Dentistry, Hematology, Urology and Surgery.

4 .Mercury—Dermatology, Neurology

5 .Jupiter—Gastroenterologist, Medicine, pulmonologist

6 .Venus—Medicine   , Surgery, Dermatology

7. Saturn—Orthopedics, Anesthetist, Neurology, Pathology

8 .Rahu/Ketu— Anesthetist  ,Radiology

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