Best time to worship Lord Shiva

Best time to worship Lord Shiva is when he is with Mata Gouri on Kailash Parvat. 1.In Krishna Paksh –prathama , Astami tithi and Amavatsya 2.In Shukla paksh — Dwitiya and Navami tithi… Lord Shiva is with Mata Gouri.So if in these days one worship Lord Shiva ,he/she will be blessed with happiness and richness. 3.In Krishna Paksh –chaturthi tithi and Ekadashi tithi 4.In […]

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The benefits of Chanting Mantras

MANTRAS are words or sounds with or without meaning which have a profound effect on the person chanting and the person listening to it. MANANAT TRAYATE ITI MANTRAH is one of the way of describing Mantras . It means which liberates the self by constant chanting. Constant repetition of the mantra and meditation of the worshipped deity gives divine energy […]

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