Rahu Transition –2017

Rahu transit on Cancer sign on 18th August 2017.It will remain on Cancer sign till 6th March 2019.
Rahu is friendly with Venus, Mercury and Saturn.
Rahu is inimical with Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Ketu.
The impact of Rahu Transit in different LAGNA are different.
Let’s discuss some important factors of life—-
1. Transfer or change of house—those born in Aries ascendant or Leo ascendant may have to shift house or they may have chances to get transferred.
2 .Promotion in service/Job—those born in Leo ascendant may get promotion in service or job.
3. Marriage—those born in Cancer ascendant or Capricorn ascendant may get suitable life partner and all of sudden marriage will take place.
4. Foreign Travel—those born in Leo ascendant or Scorpio ascendant or Capricorn ascendant will get chance to travel to foreign country.
5. Litigation/Court case—those born in Libra ascendant will win in court case or the verdict will be in their favor.
6. Election—those born in Virgo ascendant or Libra ascendant have chance to win in election, if contest.
7. Sudden Gain (Property)—those born in Libra ascendant will get sudden gain through property.
8. Finance—(1) Instability—those born in Aries ascendant may have financial instability.
(2) Good—those born in Taurus ascendant or Virgo ascendant or Aquarius ascendant,
Will get financial benefit.

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