Work field method

Reading of a Person’s approach towards WORK and WORK LIFE from his/her Horoscope–

First House–it affects the attitude of the native towards work. It reveals interest of the native to work and the Mentality.

Third House-it affects the courage of the native to face odd and even situation in life .It reveals boldness and communication skill .It reveals mental strength of the native.

Seventh House—it shows the Aim of life and how he/she will achieve it. It shows how much help the native will get from others (partner).

 Ninth House—It  is all about LUCK .Based on the strength of the house ,the lord of the house and occupancy by any planet , luck the most important factor of life will be considered as supportive or not.

Tenth house—it reveals work field and establishment in society. It shows respect in work field and growth also.


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