27 Nakshatras & 360 degrees(part 1)

27 Nakshatra and 360 degree



360 degrees are divided into 27 parts.27 parts indicate nakshatras.These 27 nakshatra are grouped within 12 rashi or 12 Moon signs.



Each degree has speciality.So,each nakshatra has some specific characteristics in its 4 sub-divisional charan or pada.So,every Nakshtra has 4 charan or pada.9 charan make one rashi.There are 12 rashi in vedic astrology.


Lets know the nakshatra first.


The first nakshatra begins as ASHWINI.


ASHWINI nakshatra is ruled by KETU. Ashwini nakshatra has four charan.Every charan is ruled by different planets.


1.First charan has started from 0 degree to 3 degree 20 seconds.Mars ruled first charan.As KETU is friendly to Mars,native born in this degree inclined to military.In otherway ,0 degree in Ashwini nakshatra (ketu+Mars) rules EGO.

When it comes to 1 degree,the native becomes an organizer.

In 2 degrees the native becomes over-indulgence.

In 3 degrees the native becomes impulsive and passionate.


2.Second charan begins with 3 degree 20 seconds to 6 degree 40 seconds ruled byVenus.The KETU +VENUS combination is not friendly.So native born in this degree is cruel.But beside this ,the native has creative ability and fearlessness.

Born in 4 degrees, the native usually magnanimous.

Born in Ashwini nakshatra 5 degree ascendant,the native has unsatisfied ambition.

The second charan ends in  6 degree 40 seconds so the native born in 6 degree  has unsatisfied ambition.


3.Third charan starts with 6 degree 40 seconds to 10 degree,whose ruler is Mercury.The combination of KETU and MERCURY is not very favorable.

Born in 6 degrees the native always remains unsatisfied in life.

Born in 7 degrees  the native may be under the influence of BACHAL YOGA.Means may talk very nonsense sometimes.

Born in 8 degrees the native will be very courageous and aggressive.

Born in 9 degrees the native will be always eager to win over fights.Courageous by nature.

Born in 10 degrees the Native will have a philosophical mindset.Most of their hopes are realized in life.


4.The fourth charan starts with 10 degrees to 13 degrees 20 seconds ruled by Moon.The combination of KETU  and MOON is not good at all.

Born in 10 degrees the native lose interest in life and may have a philosophical attitude towards life.

Born in 11 degrees the native becomes a dreamer.In few cases(if other planets also indicate) such native may be insane.

Born in12 degrees the native have spiritual intuition.If conjunction happend or afflicted then the native may start many things and never be able to finish it.

Born in 13 degrees the native will have sixth sense.They can see through others.


ASHWINI  nakshatra is finished here at 13 degrees 20 seconds.

( the next nakshatra BHARANI will be continued……………)


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