To consider enmity or enemy in life, the most important house is 6th.
Beside 6th house, 12th house is also considered as the house of secret enemy (Gupta shatru) and
8th house is to be considered for reading about an enemy who will harm or cause danger to life(Ghataka Shatru).
UPACHAY houses in a Horoscope—
6th house
8th house
12th house
So, the house of TRIK or UPACHAY indicate your enemy .Upachay houses are those houses whose effects increase as time passes.
WHO will have many enemies—————-
1. If in 6th house any planet sit with enemy sign or in debilitated sign or retrograde or combusted,
2. The lord of 6th house is in retrograde condition or combusted,
in such conditions ,the native have many enemies*.
Mantreshwara says, a person has enemy, if the following conditions are created in the birth chart—
1. Malefic planet in the 6th house
2. Strong Ascendant lord if conjunct or aspect by lord of 6th house
3. Lord of ascendant is in 6th house
4. Lord of 6th house in center (Kendra) conjunct or aspect with malefic planet
5. Lord of 6th house conjunct or aspect by malefic planet
If more than one combination occurs in birth chart the native will face continuous enmity.
But, in general, malefic planets are consider to be good in Trik bhava,as malefic planets have the capacity to control over enemy.
6th house is the place of Upachaya. Let’s consider different planets in 6th house—
1 .SUN—6th house Sun, make the native powerful enough to win over enemy.
But, if 6th house is aspect by any enemy planet ,the native will have many enemies.
2 .MOON—6th house Moon, by the strong mind and valor win over even a strong enemy.
3. MARS—6th house Mars defeat however strong the enemy is, the enemy will run away.
4. MERCURY—6th house Mercury fights verbally with logic and wins.
5. JUPITER—6th house Jupiter has the ability to win over enemy in war.
6. VENUS—6th house Venus create more enemies, so the native will be always in stress.
7. SATURN—6th house Saturn has the ability to win over enemy.
Chamtakar Chintamani, Saravali, Bhava Prakash, Jataka Bharana, Manasagari and Jataka Parijata
have their own conclusions and opinion.

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