Saturn is a slow moving planet .Passing over one sign, Saturn takes two years and six months’ time. Saturn takes 30 years to make one round of the zodiac.
When Saturn transits through the 12th house in a horoscope from the natal Moon, the period of Sade sati (7 years and 6 months) starts .Sade Sati is the sum of transit periods in three consecutive signs(2.5 years+2.5 years+2.5 years). Popularly known as Rising +peak+setting sade sati. The most effective is the time when Saturn is transiting over natal Moon(Peak).

The first phase of Sade sati (rising or Chadhati) is related to close relatives. The second phase related to domestic front and also business front. The third Phase related to children, family, health and physical suffering. Saturn is the causing factors of (karaka) hard work, discipline, Old age and Authority.
The first Phase of Sade sati start when Saturn transit over the 12 th place from Natal Moon. Saturn continue transit over this place for 2years and 6 months. If the moon sign of a native is Aries, then, when Saturn transit over Pieces sign, the first phase of sade sati will start for the native.

It will continue for 7 years and 6 months till Saturn complete its transition over Taurus (Pieces+ Aries +Taurus).
When Saturn transit over the first place or ascendant of the horoscope in Moon Ascendant (Chandra Lagna Kundali), the sade sati known as Janma Shani or the second phase of Sadhe sati. It continue for 2 years and 6 months.
When Saturn transit over the second place, the third phase of Sade sati will start .It continue for 2 years 6 months.


Saturn is the friend of Venus, Mercury.

Sun, Moon and Mars are the enemies of Saturn.

Saturn is neutral with Jupiter.

The Paya of Saturn is most important to consider the effect of sade sati whether negative or positive.

There are 4 types of Paya–

  1. Gold
  2. Silver
  3. Copper
  4. Iron

Silver and Copper paya is considered as good, whereas Gold and Iron Paya is not considered to be  good.

Following are the result of Saturn when transit (sade sati) over different moon sign (rashi) in general .But the lordship of Saturn in Horoscope and the Sad bala of Saturn must also be taken into consideration.



So, according to the relation with other planets, Saturn give result.

Following is the chart (table) about when Saturn transit over which rashi and the sade sati begin on which rashi occupied person. Suppose a native has occupied Mesh/Aries rashi, so when Saturn transit over Meen or pieces rashi , Sade sati will begin for that native. Second phase will start when Saturn transit over Mesh or Aries rashi and the third phase will start when Saturn transit over  the Brisabh /Taurus rashi.

Mesh/Aries Meen/Pieces Mesh/Aries Brisabh/Taurus
Brisabh/Taurus Mesh/Aries Brisabh/Taurus Mithun/Gemini
Mithun/Gemini Brisabh/Taurus Mithun/Gemini Kark/Cancer
Karka/Cancer Mithun/Gemini Kark/Cancer Simha/Leo
Simha/Leo Karka/cancer Simha/Leo Kanya/Virgo
Kanya/Virgo Simha/Leo Kanya/Virgo Tula/Libra
Tula/Libra Kanya/Virgo Tula/Libra Brischik/Scorpio
Brischik/Scorpio Tula/Libra Brischik/Scorpio Dhanu/Sagittarius
Dhanu/Sagittarius Brischik/Scorpio Dhanu/Sagitarius Makar/Capricorn
Makar/Capricorn Dhanu/Sagittarius Makar/Capricorn Kumbh/Aquarius
Kumbh/Aquarius Makar/Capricorn Kumbh/Aquarius Meen/Pieces
Meen/Pieces Kumbh/Aquarius Meen/Pieces Mesh/Aries

The first phase of sade sati —


Saturn has three aspects (3rd, 7th and 10th from its placement).

When Saturn transit over 12th house of the horoscope from natal Moon, the Sade Sati for Moon sign will start. From this house Saturn aspect —

Second house (3rd aspect),

Sixth house (7th aspect), and

Ninth house (10th aspect).

So the effect of Sade Sati will be on 12th (transit), 2nd, 6th and 9th houses.

Saturn is a planet of Separation. So, where it is placed in the horoscope, during Sade sati, it will separate the native from that matter. For example–If Saturn is placed in second place, it will separate or keep away the native from family.

The aspect of Saturn is malefic(poison). So, the seventh aspect(180 degree) is very harmful to the native .The special aspect of Saturn is Third aspect and tenth aspect .In retrograde condition Saturn affect the ninth or tenth place from where it has placed in Birth chart.

When Saturn transit over the twelfth house, Saturn affect the 12th house matter .So the expenditure of the native will increase due to investment which will turn fruitless later, on hospitalization or on foreign tour. Twelfth place reveal —spouse‘s health, ancestral property, grandmother, monetary loss, demotion, left eye or ear, sorrow, fine, long treatment, Confinement and Restlessness. The separation tendency of Saturn make the native to stay away from family or decrease companion of spouse .So all these matter get affected during the first phase of Sade sati.

The 3rd aspect of Saturn fall on  second house, the native may affected financially .The possibility of spending (saved) money happen by sudden incident .Food habit may change or the native may compel to have irregular meal. Digestive system may get affected .The speech of native may be very harsh. The native’s conversation may be misunderstood. Dispute may occur in family .General happiness will be disturbed.

As, Saturn is aspect 6th (7th aspect) house from 12th house (180 degree angle), the native’s health will be most affected during sade sati. The native may be in debt due to health reason and treatment. Internal enemies may harass. The native may be affected by conspirator. Intestine and waist need special care.

As, Saturn aspect 9th house from 12th house (10th aspect), the native’s luck will not support him/her in this time period .The relation with father may turn stern .If the native is pursuing any higher education ,the time is not favorable .The native may have a disliking for tradition or religion.


  1. Try to keep regularity in life.
  2. Punctuality will help a lot.

Astrological remedy—

  1. Chant shani Mantra”Om sham shanaischaraay namah”.
  2. Chant Shani-bharya mantra daily.
  3. Recite Hanuman Kawach daily in the evening.

2nd phase of Sade Sati —


When Saturn transit on natal moon/Chandra  rashi, the second phase of Sade sati starts. Being a separator by nature Saturn will keep the native away from himself/herself, from siblings and from socialization. The native may be absent minded in these time period. Health of the native may need more care.

In Aries, Saturn is in a debilitated condition in enemy house, Saturn will not be able to do much harm to the native, so the second phase of sade sati for Aries will go both good and bad (normal).

The 3rd aspect of Saturn will fall on 3rd house. As a result the courage and braveness will be affected. The confidence of the native will deteriorate. The relation with sibling may also stern. Progress may slow down. Any competitive examination during this time period need more efforts and may be negative. Servants of the house may create problem. Body parts especially, hand, neck and shoulder need care.

The 7th aspect of Saturn fall on 7th house. 7th house of a horoscope is the place which cause death (marak sthan). So the health of the native and the health of spouse must be taken care of. Progress or improvement in life delayed. The relation with partner in business will hamper. Take care of Kidney and ovaries. Married life will get disturbance. The native may stay Away from spouse.

The 10th aspect of Saturn will fall on 10th house. The work place environment ,public life and establishment will be in problem. The native may lose interest in work. The standing in community may need more efforts.


  1. Lead a disciplined life
  2. Do not lie

Astrological Remedy—

  2. Chant HANUMAN KAWACH (first recite ek mukhi Hanuman Kawach, then recite panch mukhi Hanuman Kawach)
  3. Chant the mantra of Dakshin Kali, in the evening.

3rd phase of sade sati—


When Saturn transit over the sign next to natal moon sign the 3th phase of sade sati starts. The native may not save much. Family life may get disturbed. Either the native compel to tell lie or converse very rudely.

The 3rd aspect will affect 4th house. Fourth house is the house of immovable property. Relation with mother may not be very good. If mother in old age or suffering any serious health problem, the native may lose his/her mother.

Public relation may not be very interactive in this time period and popularity may decrease. Digestive system may need special care. If the native is a student or pursuing higher education, then he/she may not get the desired result. So, academic career need special attention. Home environment (family discord), Material happiness may be less. The health of Father- in- law may be a matter of concern or the relation with Father- in- law may be stern.

The 7th aspect of Saturn will affect 8th house. The native may be affected by mental tension due to paternal property dispute. The native’s resistance capacity may be decrease. The native should take care of muscular system, bladder and private parts of body. Quarrel, difficulties, frustration and infamy make the native very miserable.

The 10th aspect of Saturn will affect 11th house, so the income and source of income will be affected. Relation with elder sibling may not be good. The support from friends and elder siblings may be withdrawn. Any dispute with a permanent friend may make the native sad. Left ear need care.


  1. Control over speech is needed.
  2. Wise talk is advisable (Think before speak).

Astrological remedy—

  1. Chant Shani mantra, “om sham shanaischaraay namah”.
  2. Daily recite Hanuman Chalisha in the evening, once.
  3. Visit Shani temple in Saturdays in this period of time.


Sade sati is the time when a person will face the reactions of his/her previous deeds.


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  • Jigar Shah

    Thank you very much for the insight and help

  • Results of sadesati for man hvg date of birth 23/12/1957, birth time 12noon at Buldana Maharashtra India so ur quick detailed reply will highly be appreciated so will u plz

    • admin

      Respected sir,
      Your Sade Sati has been started when Saturn has come to Dhanu rashi(Sagittarius).
      Please go through the article on Sade Sati of this website for details information.

  • Interested

    I look at the moon rashi and sometimes it comes out as Tula (Libra) and sometimes it comes out as VRISHCHIK (Scorpio) – which is correct?

    Date of birth: 21st December 1973
    Time of birth: 5:42pm
    Place of birth: Suva, Fiji
    DMS Lat18° 8′ 29.7600” S
    DMS Long178° 26′ 30.8220” E

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  • Hi,
    My DOB : 6th April, 2017, Time : 3:38:24 AM, Birth Place : Asika, Odisha, Orissa

    Iam in which phase of sadesati – 1st or 2nd phase. which phase is very problematic?

    Thanks & Regards

  • Kapil

    My Sade Sati going and nothing happening right please suggest

    Kapil Gulati
    Rohtak, Haryana
    7:55 am

  • Siddhartha Bhattacharya

    I am undergoing Sade sati, nothing going as per plan and tention in day to day activities are mounting.
    Name: Siddhartha Bhattacharya
    DOB: 25 May 1975
    Time: 15:00:00 hrs
    Place: Kolkata, West Bengal

    • admin

      Dear Bhattacharya,
      You are going through your sadesati.
      As now,Saturn is not at all favourble for you
      any of your plan will never happen positively.
      So,please ,wait for sometime.
      After 31 December 2017,your time will be good as per
      sade sati.
      Recite Hanuamanastak ,Daily.

  • aakash sanghvi

    Hi, I am going under sade sati. Nothing is well at home and family tensions are increasing day by day due to

    problems in career.

    Name: Aakash Sanghvi.

    DOB: 14/08/1989.

    Place: Botad.

    Time: 6.40am.

    • admin

      Dear Akash,
      Kindly follow the process mentioned in the website and deposit INR 1100 in the bank account for answering your queries.

  • Sruthi S

    Could you please let me know about career status. I have been having very bad experiences since a long time now.
    DOB : 5/4/88
    Time of birth : 1.32 am
    Place of birth : Malappuram District

    • admin

      Dear Shruthi,
      Kindly follow the process mentioned in the website and deposit INR 1100 in the bank account for answering your queries.

  • A Mishra

    Pranam Punjaniya,

    I am a male and I am bit confused to understand if I am under the influence of Lord Shani’s Sadhe Saati. Kindly find below my details and advise. I would be honoured with your guidance:

    DOB: 19th November 1982
    Time Of Birth: Around 7:15 AM IST
    Place of Birth: Raebarelie, UP

    Dhanyawad evam sadar pranam.

  • Shyam Narayan Rai

    Hello Sir,

    I am Shyam Narayan Rai, Date of Birth – 02nd September 1984, Time : 01:55 AM; Career related query ; facing a tough time since 4 Years, not finding a way out. Expenses have been increased twice the salary resulting in debts. Looking forward a way to reinstate my focus in life. Looking for ward to start my own business but nothing is getting materialized. Request to show me some way out.

    Best Regards
    Shyam Narayan Rai

  • Which phase of sadesati and on which paya will the October 26 2017 enter into my Rashi and what effect will it have on my lagna

  • Which phase of sadesati and on which paya will the October 26 2017 enter into my Rashi and what effect will it have on my lagna

    place of birth: Bombay
    time: 6.22 pm

  • nakul vora

    My date of birth is 10 september 1986
    I want to know how would be my setting phase of sade sati which is from 26 oct 2017

  • Revathy

    Hi sir

    I was born on 6 June 1993, 12.05 pm. Pls let me know which round of Sade sani I am in. Is it mangu sani or pongu sani? I mean 1st phase or second phase. I am bit confused to find out the same. Thanks

  • Sagar

    Dear sir,

    I am Sagar, born on 11th May 1985, at 18:20, in Sira Karnataka.

    Currently I am under Sade saathi, but I feel like reenergized and confident look. Is “Shani” favourable to me?

    Thank you

  • N. K. Rai

    Sir my dob is 29/09/1976, 10.52 am, ghazipur UP. My setting phase has just started. Can you please guide on financial and career front. Thanks and regards

    • admin

      Dear Mr.Rai,
      You are under Shani Sade sati last phase.As Saturn is in second house from your natal Moon,
      this time period will not be very good financially.
      From 18 March 2018 to 10 October 2019,you will be under the influence of Moon Mahadasha with Saturn antardasha .So ,Saturn will be more effective .So take all remedial measures to get relief .Saturn will effect your home front Delete repeated word and financial gain.
      Visit Shani temple.

  • Rahul

    Hello sir.
    i am rahul,
    born on 10 mar ‘91 at 12:50 pm
    in Hyderabad, AP
    currently i’m in sade sati.
    plz let me know in which phase i am and how it is going to effect me

    • admin

      Dear mr.Rahul,
      You are under Shani sade sati,second phase.This time period will go a mixture of bad and good.
      But from 29 nov 2017 to 30 june 2019 ,you should be vary careful regarding your health ,personality and married life.

      • Rahul

        Thank you sir,
        as you said it effected badly on my relationship.
        i’m just curious what exaclty you mean by personality ??
        is it my career or financially ??
        if not how it is going to be effected ??
        thank you for u r guidance.

  • Hitesh Bedmutha

    Hi, I am going under sade sati. Nothing is well at home and family tensions are increasing day by day. Problems in career.

    Name: Hitesh Bedmutha

    DOB: 10/12/1988

    Place: Nashik.

    Time: 6.20am.

    • admin

      Dear Mr.Hitesh,
      You are under the influence of second phase of Shani sade sati.
      Home environment,family disturbans and probles in wrokfiled will occure.
      Worship ,hanuamnji daily.

  • nipun

    My date of birth is 10th April 1974. Time of birth is 1600 hrs and place of Birth is Delhi Cantt. Can you please tell me which phase of sade satti I am?

  • Shilpa


    I am Shilpa. Date of birth 15th Jan 1983 6.10 am in bangalore. Currently i am going through Sade sati. Consulted an astrologer he says i will have financial loss till 2020. And i will have very bad time from 2020 to 2023. Am unmarried. Now really scared of loosing career and marriage yoga both.

    • admin

      Dear Shilpa,
      You are under the influence of first phase of Shani sade sati.
      Take care of your expenses till March 2018.Till 2020 ,take care
      of your health ,you may not save money during this time period.

  • jagdish

    will my dream come true in this phase?

  • jagdish

    DOB:16/10/1964 Place: Lunavada, Gujarat Time: 7.50.00 Am
    Will my dream full fill regarding Job, Son and Daughter progress and marriage and health and wealth issue of my self and family

  • Nikhitha

    Name: Nikhitha
    dob: 1st May 1993
    place of birth : Mandya, Karnataka
    Can you please let me know in which phase of the sade sathi I am going through? In very bad phase of life, especially, regarding career.
    Thanks in advance.

    • admin

      Dear Nikhitha,
      Your birth details of birth
      2.time of birth of birth
      Is required to give your answer.

  • Deepa S Vernekar

    I am going through Sadesati and facing lot of problems. My DOB 14/02/1985 . When will I come out of it.

    • admin

      Dear Deepa,
      Please share your birthdetails of birth
      2.time of birth of birth
      To know about Sade Sati.

      • admin

        Dear Deepa,
        You are under Sade Sati.
        After December 2017,you may get relief from Saturn.
        Still take care till July 2019.

  • V.s

    My son is having difficulty with engineering exam. Which paya of Shani is he facing ? He does not believe in prayers. Pl suggest remedy .
    Dob 8 October 1997
    Time 1.45 am

  • V.s

    My son is having difficulty in 2nd year .engineering exam .which paya of sade sati sshani is he facing. He does not believe in prayers. Pl suggest remedy
    Dob 8 Oct 1997
    Time 1.45 am
    Place mulund Mumbai

    • admin

      Dear Mr.Abhi,
      Your son is under the influence of Sade Sati.
      He is also under the influence of Saturn antardasha till august 2020.
      Hence Saturn will influence upon him with double intensity.Hence you must do the remedy by chanting Shani beej mantra daily for 108 times on his behalf.

  • Aseem Kumar

    I’m under the last phase of Sade Sati. Considering the placement of Shani in my natal chart, can you please advise if this phase is beneficial for me.

  • Prakash Jain

    My name is Prakash Jain, my DOB is 11.10.1983, time: 6.45 am, place: Kolkata.
    My question is I am in which phase of Sade Saati, is it beneficial and/or what should I do to get benefit from it and if any stone needed to be worn.

    Prakash Jain

    • admin

      Dear Mr.Prakash
      You are now under the third phase of Shani Sade Sati.
      Financially,you should take care of.
      Chant only”Om shang Shanaischaraay namah”.or you can chant”Om sreeng sreeng muni subratanatha jinendraay namah”
      No need to wear any gemstone.

  • Chalapathy

    My name is Venkatachalapathy , my DOB is 28.09.1968, time: 4.55 am, place: Palasa, Srikakulam dist, Andhra Pradesh.

    I am in which phase of Sade Saati, is it beneficial and/or what should I do ? I am planning to start up a new venture is it the right time??


    • admin

      Dear Mr.Chalapathy,

      You are under the influence of third phase of Shani sade sati.
      After 22 December 2017, you need not worry about sade sati ‘s
      Regarding work ,you can go for new venture.
      For detail career guidance you can consult by following the procedure.

  • Sham Sharma

    Some one told me that I am in Sade Sati Rising Phase. what phase is this last or middle
    Dec 4,1978
    time – 7:22 pm
    Jalandhar, punjab
    What should I do ? Some one suggest some blue gems.
    Could you please clear that to me if this phase bringing some bad luck or how this effect my present life.

    • admin

      Dear Mr.Sharma,

      You are under the influence of
      sade sati, second(middle) phase.
      You need not to wear blue gem stone.
      Coming 5 years regarding Sade sati
      will not be bad.

  • Apeksha nakhate

    Please help me
    Nothing is going well in my life
    My name is apeksha nakhate
    DOB 31/10/1992
    Birth time 2AM
    Sarni mp


    I am facing lot of problems in job life. To be exact I am not able to doing smooth in my job life. When the situation would improve.
    DOB 16/02/1991
    Time 5:45 AM. Place of birth: Berhampur,Odisha

    • admin

      dear Mr.Panda,
      You are under Shani Sade sati.Moon is with Saturn (Shani)
      in Navansh(D-9)Chart.So,do recite Shani mantra daily to improve
      your situation.

  • Aditi

    I am currently under sadesati phase 2. There are a lot of delays and obstacles I am currently facing in my personal and professional life .
    What remedies should I do?
    Secondly, getting married during sade sati should be considered ?
    DOB- 17/04/90
    Time – 6.04 am
    Place – ujjain MP

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    • admin

      Dear Aditi,
      As you mentioned ,your personal and professional
      problem will be lessened if you chant Shani mantra
      daily.Also do offer water to Sun God within 2 hours of sunrise.

      • Aditi

        Many thanks for your kind reply. Is it suggested to get married during sade sati phase?
        Let me know.

        Thank you for your time and consideration.

  • Nilesh Belsare


    Can you advise about growth possibilities on the career front for 2018 -20?
    DOB 11/07/1973 PUNE 7:16 AM


    • admin

      Dear Mr.Nilesh,
      Till June 2018 you will have to be lucky to come out of this period
      unscathed.From june 2018 to 2021you will be under the influence of
      Rahu Antardasha with Mangal Mahadasha.So Rahu will force you to go
      through tough competitionin job.
      For more detail,please contact me on

  • yashoda

    Hi my date of birth is 30 Sept 1984
    Time- 19:10
    Place- mauritius
    Name- yashoda
    Please can u tell me if my setting phase of safe sati will be difficult or normal

  • g

    My name : Gauri Manohar
    dob : 04/07/1996
    Time : 4.02 am
    place: Vadodara, Gujarat.
    Iam not feeling well and am having health anxiety please help.

    • admin

      Dear Gouri,
      Chant “OM” daily for 5 minutes.
      Recite Hanuman Chalisha daily.
      If feeling more anxiety, consult Doctor.

  • Priyanka Verma

    My name is Priyanka Verma and my DOB is 04/02/1994 and birth place is jaipur at 2:30 pm
    I am trying very very hard to clear my competitive exams but can,t make it by few marks…
    Please Please tell me why my hard work not materialize…….

  • Saksham

    I am not getting job . Being told that i am in sade sati .
    My name is saksham
    place-sambhal , uttar pradesh
    is is bad for me?
    Or is this phase good for me??

  • Mohit

    Hello Sir,
    My D.O.B is 1 jan 1980, time 6 AM and place is delhi,i am un married. I am going through last phase of sade sati. i am facing lot of health issues and financial problem. My job is also lost. I am away from my family. When will i get any job and everything will be fine. I have started offering water to peepal tree everyday and going to hanuman temple every tuesday. Please help.


    • admin

      Dear Mr.Mohit,
      You are not under sade sati.
      Youa are under the influence of Shani Mahadasha and also Shani Antardasha.
      You are under the influence of Dhaiya of sade sati.
      All will be fine after 2020.
      chant Shani mantra 1001 times.

      • admin

        Dear Mr.Mohit,
        You are not under shani sade sati.Rather you are under
        the influence of Dhaiya of Shani.Also you are under Shani
        Mahadasha and Shani Antardasha.
        So chant Shani Mantra for 1001 timeds daily.

        • Mohit

          Thank you Sir.
          By chanting shani mantra ,will I get little relief from problems?I have promised a girl to meet her for marriage, but not able to go to meet her. With this will I be able to meet her for marriage?.
          Thank you

  • Neetu

    Hello Sir,
    My name is Neetu Gupta, D.O.B 15 jan 1980, 10.00 AM, place jodhpur. I am going through last phase of saade saati. I am facing lot of problems in marriage. I want to marry a person whom I like. But it is not happening. Every time one or other problem comes up and i again had to wait. Please tell me will i get married to a person I like?When will my marriage will happen? I am also facing lot of problems in job. Please help.

    Thank You

  • Saksham

    Plz tell when will sade sati end for me. And suggest some remedies to reduce its effect.

  • Shilpa of birth 18-4-2002
    2.time of birth 6am of birth Bandra East mumbai
    Please help. My daughter l health
    and not study

    • admin

      Dear Shilpa,
      Contact thru email for your daughter is going through Rahu Mahadasha.So need to be careful for study.
      It needs very detail study of her horoscope,hence can’t do prediction free.
      If interested to pay ,pl contact through email

  • Anoo

    My husband is going through Sade sati – his date of birth is 23 April 1973 – 1:55 pm – Shimla. Please advice what adverse impacts we will go through and remedy to avoid

  • Maruti Prasad

    Name Maruti Prasad
    DOB 03 JULY 1966
    TIME 21 30
    Sir which period of sadesathi going on and what is remedy

  • Bhupendra

    Dear Sir,
    Please my birth details below:
    Date of birth 05 January 1981
    time of birth 04:55 AM
    Place of birth : New Delhi

    I have head that my saashe saati second phase is going on and i am experiencing difficulties in life. My father and monther hospitalized some time back . I have gone through unexpected sudden throat surgery. my wife is diagnosed with thyroid and low blood presser recently. My daughter is not keeping well.
    It seems it is all being just because of me or my saadhe saati period.

    Kindly advice some solution to this. also please share your contact number if possible and i would like to meet you for this.

    • admin

      Dear Mr.Bhupendra,
      You are going under sade sati.As Saturn is
      the ruler of 3 & 4 houses,it seems your mother will be affected.It also effects you , your spouse and your father.It also effect your child.In total this phase of Sade Sati effects very badly on your FAMILY.Finance is also affected.
      Besides Sade Sati ,kal sarp Dosh is also there in your birth chart.
      You need to rectify as soon as possible.

  • Rangan Majumdar

    I am Rangan from West Bengal. Shyamnagar ( 25 km from kolkata).My date of birth is 5th April 1980.11:45pm
    I am going through difficult ever phase for last 4 years. To brief….
    1. My wife had gallbladder surgery on march ,14.
    2. My mother fell ill and got hospitalized… Had un believable fight lasting almost one month in I.C.U and 6 days in ventilation finally came back but lost her will and strength… Feb 15.
    3. My thin lean father had heart attack and hospitalised. Due to poor health didnt undergo any opetation. ..Jan 16
    4. My father passed away due to lung infection and poor cardiac problem and poor health… Feb17
    5. Even after heavy restriction my mother fallen seriously ill due to very minor foot injury occured in train and having diabetic foot gangrene. Her condition is pretty serious now.

    3. My marriage is also having lots and lots of disturbances and is an unhappy one.

    I dont know what to say

    • admin

      Dear Mr.Rangan,
      You are going through sade sati.
      Chant “om sham shanaischaraay namah”daily.
      Very soon you will be in a better condition.

  • Y Ashima Reddy


    Am born in Delhi. 21st oct 1982 early morning around 0620 or 640 ( not sure ) . Please advise

  • Isha

    My birth date is 23 December 1992,
    Time of birth- 5:53 pm
    Place of birth- dombivili , Maharashtra
    Please tell me when my good times will start. Life has become miserable.

  • Indrani

    My DOB is 18th July 1970. Time of birth is 7:40 AM
    Place of birth is Nagpur

    I am going through a very tough phase. Can’t find happiness in anything. I am sad and angry all the time. I am having a tough time with my husband and son. Job wise I can’t seem to find a permanent job. I know I am in the peak phase of sade sati. Will things get better? Esp, my relationship with my husband and son and finding a permanent job?

    • admin

      Dear Indrani,
      Your tough time will be til
      September 2018.Recite Chandrashekhara stotra daily,once.

  • RK

    My date of birth is 26/05/78
    Place of birth warangal
    Time 14:35
    Presently in sadesati. How it will be .


  • Deep

    DoB -3/8/1982
    Time-2:10 AM
    Place -New Delhi

    Can u please tell me Abt my job aspect.My health is getting affecting .Not keeping Happy .Feeling angry and disappointed.

  • Edina

    Hello, my date of birth is 23.04.1970 18:30. Tuzla, Bosnia. According to my calculation my Sade Sati started in November 2011. It is the worst time of my life. Will it ever end? Thank you.

  • A.Mondal

    am going through my last phase of sade sati and going through a very tough time.can I get some relief in this period.DOB-30/10/1954 Time-6:00AM. Place-Burdwan state-west Bengal

    • admin

      Dear Mr.Mondal,
      you are going under the influence of
      Shani Sade Sati ,last phase.
      Worship hanumanji to get relief.

  • Ramakrishnan

    Hi, my dob is january 3rd 1968 12.30 am, born at Kannur, kerala. Want to know my sadesati is beneficial. I am facing lot of problems, jobloss, stagnation etc. Have been doing meditation and pooja. No relief yet. I want to find a job soon. Please advise. Thanks a lot

    • admin

      Dear Mr.Ramakrishnan,
      Do Continue your puja to get relief from Sade sati.
      Be punctual .
      Reagarding job,After september 2018 ,the situation will be

  • Krishna priya

    Dear Madam,

    My DOB is 24-01-1979 , time 8 am
    I am in last phase of sade sati, can you please tell me what to expect and any rituals that I have to perform?

    Krishna priya

    • admin

      Dear Krishna Priya,
      Last phase of Shani Sade sati is also
      known as “setting”.So,in general this phase is not much painful ,but
      it differ from each moon sign. Please go through our article ” SADE SATI”,
      under Astro gyan Section .REMEDY is mentioned .

  • My DOB is 03-04-1997 , time 12:55 Pm,Birthplace:Kollam,Kerala.Want to know about my sadesati now and is this beneficial for me.


  • Simi

    Dear Sir,
    My dob is 7th sepetmber 1989..time of birth is 16.30 and place is ghy…cannyou tell in which phase of sadde sati i am…n hows affecting my education.

    • admin

      Dear Simi,
      You are under the influence of third phase of Sade sati.It will not affect your education adversely,but may delay the result .

  • Alma Tarelli

    Dear Sir,
    My Date of birth is September 22,1977. I was born on 9:00 am.
    I know I am under sade sati. I lost my mother as soon as sade sati started.Any remedies will be greatly appreciated.

  • Astha sakhi

    Dear sir,
    My DOB: 28/03/1981
    Time: 4:15am
    Place of birth: nhatrang, Vietnam
    Longtitude: 12.28585 N – 109.0526 E
    I think i am undergoing my safe sati period started March 2014. I have to move places to places, my marriage is broken, I could not find a good job to maintain my life, relationship with my mother is also worse. Iam under stress and depression ever since my safe sati started. I have been doing meditation, puja, helping poor people. Could please tell me when it is going to end? And will I find a good job to support my life and my studies. Will I find some good one? Your advices are highly appreciated.
    Dandavat pranam

    • admin

      Dear Astha,
      You are under Shani sade sati.
      It will come to end on 22 March 2020.
      For better relation with mother and for
      better job ,do Surya Upasana Daily.

      • Astha sakhi


        Thank you for your advices. Things are happening beyond my control but your message have made me feel more relief. May I ask if my marriage can be saved or there will be someone come into my life? Can I ask how to perform the Surya Upasana?


  • Rukmini

    Hari Om. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I was doing very well in my job till last week. Then the management gave me 2 weeks notice. Everyone I work with were surprised, and I am in shock.
    I believe I have shani dash going on. I am very anxcious to know when I will get a new job. My DOB: 16.10.1974, 10.15 am. Born in India. Am i going theu sade sati? What are the remedies? Kindly tell me. Thank you very much.

  • Hannah

    Am I in sade sati and when will it end?

    Name: Hannah
    Born: November 18th, 1993, 5:14pm in Toronto, Canada.

    Thank you!

  • Kiran Kumar

    Hi, my dob is 6 August 1979, 7:35 am, born at Andhra Pradesh. I am jobloss. Have been doing meditation and pooja. No relief yet. I want to find a job soon. Please advise. Thank You.

    • admin

      Dear Mr.Kiran,
      Meditation help you to develop patience in time of distress.
      There are various types of puja done to achieve something.

  • VP

    Hi Sir,

    My DOB is 27/07/1988 born 12:40 PM Mumbai, Do I am in sade sati phase is it bad for me? How I can reduce the affect?

    Thanks in Advance!

    • admin

      Dear VP,
      You are under the influence of sade sati,third phase.It is not very
      troublesome for you.Worship Shani Dev till june 2020.

  • Bhanu Pratap Singh

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    My date of birth is 05 May 1988
    Place of birth Bokaro Steel City, Jharkhand (then in Bihar)
    Time 10 am approx
    Presently in sadesati (not sure, checked online only)
    How it will be (good or bad)?
    When it will end?
    Please suggest something.

    • admin

      Dear Bhanu Pratap,
      You are under the influence of Shani sade sati,third phase.
      It will be not much troublesome for you.
      Worship Shani Dev till june ,2020.

  • Sup

    Name: Sup
    Born: April 19th, 1987, 12:10 am/pm (approx. not too sure) in Raipur, CG, India
    I am going through some very bad phase related to job and family health issues. It has been the most unexpected past few years if my life. I currently reside in Vancouver, Canada
    Any directions for me ?

  • Shroff

    My date of birth is 3rd june 1977 and time of birth is 8:15pm in Mumbai. Gender female. Am i going through sade satti?

    • admin

      Dear Shroff,
      According to your given birth details,you are going under Shani Sade sati ,last phase.

  • Jagdish Guthula

    Hi sir

    My DOB is 26/12/1992
    Birth time 9.05 Am
    Birth place – Amalapuram

    Do I am in sade sati phase is it bad for me? How I can reduce the affect? Can you help me with the remedies

    Thanks in Advance!

    • admin

      Dear Mr.Jagdish,
      According to your birth details you share here,you are going under shani sade stai.
      The second phase of Sade sati going on .Also you are under the influence of Shani
      Antardasha, hence take precaution.

  • Nirmal Kumar

    My name is Nirmal. My date of birth is 3rd January 1981. Time: 4.10 Pm. Birth place is Bhavnagar, Gujarat. During 1st phase my met an accident and my left leg got injury. Job issues and lot of financial issues. In 2nd phase family issues and job opportunities were less. 3rd phase I lost my love mate with whom I was suppose to marry after her divorce. She is makar rasi. She has some family issues and her husband is not ready to divorce her. She had filed for divorce. Please let me know, what should I do now.

    • admin

      Dear Mr.Nirmal,
      You need some proper astrological guidance.
      For that you can take guidance by going through
      our astro service,which is a paid service.

  • Heena

    My name is priya
    Date of birth : 26/05/1986
    Place: parbhani maharastra

    Please let me know sadesati end date.

  • Shailly

    My husband dob is 16.10.1980
    9:45 am delhi
    Please advise remedies to help him in his day to day life under shani dasha .
    He is lying , cheating, stealing & suffering a lot due to which we s a family suffering a lot . Survival requirements are not fulfilled .

    • admin

      Dear shaily,
      Your husband is under the influence
      Of Rahu mahadasha and simultaneously
      Under Shani sade Sati.
      Worship Shani dev, Bhairav Ji and
      Shiv Ji daily.

  • Aditya Auti

    Name- Aditya Auti
    Date of Birth -29-03-2000
    birth place-bota (maharashtra)
    time-8:30 am
    I am going through sade sati please can you tell me when will it end ?
    Thank you in advance.

  • Shilpa

    My husband is going through Sade sati I think. He has faced many problems in past 6-7 years. Can you tell when it will end. his details as follows

    D.O.B. : 28-06-1969
    Time: 1:14 am
    Place: Coimbatore

  • Kiran Kamath

    Name: Kiran Kamath
    DOB: 30.08.1982
    TOB: 12:53 PM
    Place of Birth: Mangalore

    Can you please tell me how the third phase of sade sati will affect me? I am currently in the peak phase.


  • Joseph Luc

    Hello, my date of birth is 18.10.1980. According to my calculation my Sade Sati started in 2017 and my star is Srana (Thiruvonam)

    • admin

      Dear Joseph,
      If your nakshatra is Shravana,then your
      Shani sade sati is already started.
      Your sade sati will be good,Avoid alcohol
      on saturday.

  • Raghavendra Varma

    Hello Sir,

    Very much impressed with above description of sade sati phases…
    Would like to know 2 things… Please let me know…

    Name: Raghavendra Varma
    DOB: 24th Jan, 1982
    TOB: 04:20 AM
    Place of Birth: Palakollu, Andhra Pradesh

    Birth Rashi – Dhanu / Sagittarius

    1) Which business categories suites me ?

    2) At present i am in restaurant business. Can i expand business and expect profits during phase3?

    • admin

      Dear Mr.Varma
      You need to purchase our service to
      Know all the answers regarding business.
      Please correspond through our email.

  • Neha

    I am in last phase of sade sate. I stay worried about my mother’s health and carreer.

  • Neha

    I am in last phase of sade sati.
    Dob is 23rd sept 1982.
    How would it be for family and carreer?

  • Manohara Kamath

    Name: Manohara Kamath
    DOB: 14.03.1977
    TOB: 01:30 PM
    Place of Birth: Mulki

    Can you please tell me how the third phase of sade sati will affect me? I am currently in the peak phase. Little concerned about career.


    • admin

      Dear Mr.Kamath,
      Your third phase of sade sati will
      Go better.But you should take care
      Of emotion and money matter as you are under the influence of Moon Antardasha from 12 Sep 2019 to 10.03.2021.


    DATE OF BIRTH 30.12.1989

    • admin

      Dear Jaya,
      Your sade sati is a mixture of Good and bad.
      First five years will be good and the last 2 and half years will be ok.

  • Niladri Srimani

    Name : Niladri Srimani
    DOB : 15.09.1980
    TOB : 10.56 A.M.
    Place of birth : Kolkata

    Both my Rashi & Lagna is Vrishchik and I am in my 3rd phase of sade sati which is getting over by January 2020. It will be really very kind of you if you could guide me about how soon can I get a job ?

    Thanks and regards,

  • AK jha

    My Son
    Timings:4.35 PM
    New Delhi,India

    His peak phase of sade sati is starting from 25 jan, 2020. Till 2022
    He is preparing for IIT Jee 2021. Will he be able to crack it and please tell some remedies.

  • Tejas k

    My Date of birth is 07/03/1994
    All most died to find good job.
    Still not able to get good job due to sade sati.
    My rashi Dhunu rashi.

    Please i will request you ,
    what i should i do to get the job at high position.
    I am in sade sati currently

  • Tejas k

    My Date of birth is 07/03/1994(MORNING)
    Place of birth: Bangalore ,Karnataka,India
    Time : 08:55 AM (M
    All most died to find good job.
    Still not able to get good job due to sade sati.
    My rashi Dhunu rashi.

    Please i will request you ,
    what i should i do to get the job at high position.
    I am in sade sati currently

  • Purushottam Vijay Gawande

    Will I loose my job in next couple of months?

  • Abhijit

    I’m in sade sati phase currently. DOB:- 24th June 1986, Time:- 04:05 AM, place:- Jalna, Maharashtra

    Please advice things I should do or not to during this phase.

    • admin

      Dear Mr.Abhijit,
      Sade sati is such a phase of life ,one should understand very carefully.
      So,You need to take our expert advise,for that email us to follow the procedure.

  • vishnu

    DOB : 20/04/1992
    TIME : 15:30

    my last ten years was very bad.


  • Sumith

    Sir my DOB is 16/08/1989 at 10 pm born in Bangalore.
    Please tell me my sadesati is good or bad?

  • Sa patil

    My DOB is 07.11.1994 @ 12.30 am…. Suffering a lot with health problems… Please suggest me am in peak phase of sade sath

    • admin

      Dear Mr.Patil,
      You have not mentioned your place of birth.
      Still ,if you are in peak of sade sati,you can get some relief if you chant
      “Om sham shanaischaraay namah” daily.

  • VenkataRamanaRao


    Please find below the details
    First Name: VenkataRamanaRao
    Last Name/ Surname: Meesala
    Place of Birth: Ambarnath, Maharashtra, India

    Financially I am just making losses in all my investment since last couple of weeks/months. Did my sade sathi started if yes when will my good time be coming and if no when is it going to start and which period I need to be careful.


  • Ajay

    Extremely horrible times in life.
    13 January 1983

    Pls help. Extreme painful times are on.
    What will happen next?

    • admin

      Dear Ajay,

      After December 2021,you will get relief from your troubles.
      Till then daily recite “shiv sahasra naam”.


    My DOB : 5th MARCH, 1993, Time : 11.48 AM, Birth Place : Kolkata,West Bengal

    Iam in which phase of sadesati – 1st or 2nd phase. which phase is very problematic? Please tell me my exact rashi?

    Thanks & Regards

    • admin

      Dear Sanjib,
      Your moon sign is cancer(pusya nakshatra).
      You are not under shani sade sati now.
      As Shani is now in Capricorn ,you are under
      the influence of Kantak Shani.

  • vishnu

    hello sir,
    please help

    DOB : 20/04/1992
    TIME : 15:30

    my last ten years was very bad.
    does ketu mahadasha and sade sati together ruins everything,please help

  • Manoj kumar

    Hello sir,

    DOB: Feb 1st 1973
    Place of birth: MUMBAI, Maharashtra
    Time: 02:59 am

    I am in which phase of sadesati – 1st or 2nd phase. which phase is very problematic? Please tell me my exact rashi?

    When will sadesati end ?

    Please advice things I should do or not to during this phase.

    • admin

      Dear Mr.Manoj
      Your moon sign is saggitarius.
      You are under the influence of shani sade sati,third phase.
      It will go better than the previous phase.
      You can watch my video on shani sade sati in my own youtube channel.

  • Hari Hara

    Hi sir, my Dob: 09June1985, kumbha rasi, dhanishta-3. Time of birth 16:15 pm. Recently I lost my job also. But I’m so confident and energized and feel like I’m going to achieve bigger heights. Can u please tell me .is my sade sati is in which phase? Is it helps to settle in my career and get a new job? Please help me

  • Sreedhar

    Born 06 march 1948, place of birth kochi, time (not too sure) 01.43 am.
    When is sade sati period for me & when will it be over. Please highlight effects also.

    • admin

      Dear Mr.Sreedhar
      you are running under the third phase of sade sati.

      precaution should be taken till July 2023.
      Chant Shani Mantra daily.

  • Kumudhini.J

    Born on 20-8-1958, Recently he passed away, He is Tula rasi, visakha star, please let me know which sani he was suffering with, He passed away on 22-10-2020.


    12:03 PM

  • R A

    Date of birth 17.1.1991….time 12.20 pm….am in US …my opt is getting over on 4 aug ..still haven’t got job ..I hv sade sathi period now…vl I get a good job comment

  • Dob: 13-07-1992
    Place of birth Karachi, Pakistan
    ToB: 02:40 am
    When is sade sati period for me, when its over plz highlight.

    • admin

      Dear Habeeba,
      Now Saturn transit over Capricorn, so you are under the third phase of Sade sati.
      It will be over on 30th of April ,2022.So you will be free from Sade Sati.

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