Specific Malas for Chanting Mantras

We chant mantras to get the blessing of Devi/Devtas.Specific malas are there for the specific deity. Use the specified mala while chanting the mantra…
1. RUDRAKSH MALA – Universally applicable for all mantras and deities.
2. SPHATIK MALA – For chanting the mantra of Goddess Saraswati and for planet Venus.
3. TULSI MALA – For Maa Gayatri,Lord Vishnu, Lord Rama,Lord Krishna and for planet Jupiter.
4. BLACK TULSI MALA – For Maa Kali and planet Saturn.
5. RAKTA CHANDAN MALA – For Goddess Durga and planet Mars.
6. RED CORAL MALA – For Lord Ganesh,Lord Hanuman and planet Mars.
7. LOTUS BEADS MALA – For Goddess Mahalaxmi.
8. TURMERIC (HALDI) MALA – For Maa Bagalamukhi or Maa Pitambara.

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