KARTARI Yoga in Horoscope

KARTARI YOGA and its effects on native—

There are two types of Kartari yogas

  1. Paap Kartari yoga


  1. Shubh Kartari yoga.



In a horoscope when a house is hemmed by two or more malefic planets this YOGA formed. It is applicable on planets also.

This is a very important Yoga ,as this yoga can destroy the result of the place or planet


this yoga can enhances the strength of the place or planet.

Illustration below explains this yoga.

CASE STUDY 1.The native is a female, age-42

Here in the given horoscope the ascendant (Lagna) is Virgo (Kanya) and the Moon sign (Rashi) is Capricorn (Makar).Gemini or Mithun occupies the Tenth place and is hemmed by Saturn (9th place) and Ketu (11th place).Tenth place being effected by two Malefic planets, the native never established herself in her work field .In tenth place Venus and Mercury are posited, hence the native is working as an accountant and as a French teacher.


CASE STUDY 2.The native is a female, age 54

Here in the given horoscope the ascendant (Lagna) is Taurus (Brisav) and the Moon sign (Rashi) is Aries or Mesh. Cancer or Karka occupies the third place, hemmed by Mars (4th   place) and Sun & Rahu (2nd   place).Third place being effected by three Malefic planets, the native in spite of Aries quality is neither brave nor able to face the challenges of life .Third place is also aspect by Saturn from 9th place. In spite of being highly qualified is working as HOD/ professor).


CASE STUDY 3.The native is a female, age 46.

Here in the given horoscope the ascendant (Lagna) is Aquarius(Kumbh) and the Moon sign (Rashi) is Scorpio(Brischik)).Pieces or Meen  occupies the  2nd  place and is hemmed by  Rahu(1st place) and Sun ,Saturn & Mercury (3rd place).Second place being effected by three Malefic planets financial problems always afflict her life .(In spite of belonging to a well off family and  M.Sc.in Electronics).






In Subh Kartari Yoga, the result of the place or the planet will be enhanced. Jupiter, Moon, Venus and Mercury are the auspicious planets. “Subh” means auspicious, so the native will get the good effects of the planets and the result of that place will be enhanced.


Illustration below explains this yoga.


CASE STUDY 1.The native is a 65 year old Male.

Here in the given horoscope the ascendant (Lagna) is Scorpio (Brischik) and the Moon sign (Rashi) is Virgo(Kanya).Libra(Tula) is occupies the Twelfth place and is hemmed by Sun and Mercury(1st place) and Moon(11th place).Twelfth place being positively effected by two Benefic planets ,the matters relating to this place(Foreign tour /foreign stay) has been enhanced in his life time. He served as I.F.S.(Indian Foreign Service)officer.


CASE STUDY 2.The native is a 54 years old Male.

Here in the given horoscope the ascendant (Lagna) is Virgo (Kanya) and the Moon sign (Rashi) is Pieces(Meen)).Aries (Mesh) is occupied 8th place ,hemmed by Mercury and Venus(9th  place) and Moon(7th place).Eighth place being positively affected by three Benefic planets ,the matters relating to this place(Inheritance ).The native inherited a huge amount of money and immovable property.


CASE STUDY 3.The native is a 25 years old Male.

Here in the given horoscope the ascendant (Lagna) is Virgo (Kanya) and the Moon sign (Rashi) is Pieces (Meen)).Pieces (Meen) is occupies the 7th place, hemmed by Mercury (8th place) and Venus (6th place).Seventh place being positively affected by two beneficial planets and occupied by Moon itself ruler of the matters relating to this place (spouse and married life). Here in this horoscope Moon is the lord of 11th place .The native’s spouse is very beautiful and artistic and the native got financial benefit from her.

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  • sharma

    my name is shreeshan.i am from mysore.i just want to know ,wheather i have papa katri yoga in 2nd house.my dob is 24-4-83

    • admin

      Dear Mr.Shreeshan,
      You wanted to know whether Pap Kartari yoga is formed in your
      2nd house or not.
      Please provide your birth details–
      1.Date of birth
      2.Place of birth
      3.Time of birth

  • dhruv modi

    hello sir…i have a pap kartari yog in my kundali..in the 1st house moon.. is influence by 2nd house saturn&12th house rahu….sir what is remedies for it

    • admin

      Dear Mr.Modi,
      In your horoscope Pap kartari yoga is created by Saturn and Rahu
      and this yoga is affecting your Lagna and birth Rashi also.
      Saturn and Rahu,both are same in nature and controlled by Lord Shiva.
      So ,Chant Shiv Panchakshari mantra for 1008 times,startinf from Monday.
      You can take help of any pandit who will chant this mantra for you.

  • dhruv modi

    i completed my mbbs study just 6 months ago…bt there is not happiness in any thing….health related some issues&there is something badbgoing on& i cant stay happy

  • Seren yildirim

    Hi! I was born 18/07/1995 10:16pm turkey/aydın. Pap kartari yoga?

    • admin

      Dear Seren,
      You have pap kartari yoga in your horoscope.
      Your third house, seventh house and ninth are
      affected by pap kartari yoga ,for which you
      need to take some remedial measure.

  • Arun

    Sir, my dob 21 Aug 1986 . 08:30am.kolkata. is there any Papa kathari yogas???

  • surya rana

    sir plz tell me what yoga and dosha I have in kundli ,what are my chances of become famous should I become doctor or actor
    time 10.05am

  • Puneet

    name: Puneet
    DOB: 21/06/1983
    Time: 3:45 am
    Place: Banda, U.P.
    I have shub and pap katri yoga, dhan yoga as well as grahan and vish yoga… any suggestions/ remedies for me.. especially for partnership. Thanks

    • admin

      Dear Puneet
      As you have some inauspicious yoga in your birth chart,
      you should take the chargeable astro advice from a learned astrologer.

  • Mars mercury in virgo and ketu in scorpio. Are the effects reduced by mercury?

  • Pooja

    My 8th house moon and mercury face the paap kartari yoga as per your reading. My DOB is 18/01/1985 and TOB is 1:!5 pm New Delhi. What would you think of it?
    Also, a question, I am a researcher who struggles to write. Shall I focus on visual medium instead of textual medium to present my research work?

    Thank you.

    • admin

      Dear Pooja,
      your Moon is at 00 degree,so giving effects of the previous house.
      So Moon is hemmed within Saturn and Ketu. Do remedies for Moon.
      Mercury,the planet for learning and communication is in paap kartari
      yoga. So strengthen your Mercury.
      Yes ,you can prepare visual presentation method for your research work.

  • krishna

    sir, Do I have any bad yogas sir?
    One astrologer told my mother my chart is very bad – my birthstar is very bad. She is very depressed.
    Tell remedies sir. Please.
    29 august 85. Hyderabad. Night 11:38 pm.

    • admin

      Dear Krishna,
      your horoscope is a good one.
      you will do job in life. you have long life.
      After June 2023, your life will be good .Till
      then worship Hanuman ji.

  • Paras purohit

    Dear Sir ,
    Some says that I have paap kartari yoga in 11th house,
    Leo occupies the 11th house , sun and moon in 12th and rahu in 10th,
    30 points 11th house has gain in sarvasthak varga,
    Venus the lagna lord in 11th house getting 5th aspect from Jupiter… How much is that yoga effective and what’s the remedy? Date of birth – 10/10/1999
    Time of birth – 7:48 AM
    Place of birth – gondia (maharastra)

    • admin

      Dear Mr.Paras
      Your 11th house is hemmed by Rahu And Sun,
      though the house has gained 30 points in
      Sarbastak Verga .That yoga is effective as
      you may face difficulties to earn money.

  • Sangita

    Dear sir !! My son has Venus in 9th house moon in 10th house and Jupiter in 11th house but moon is in 27.38 degree!! Does it still form a subh katari yog??
    Many thanx

  • R pristine

    Sir, if a malefic kuj has strong shubh kartari yog, will it reduce its bad Drishti effects comparatively? ( Even for Kujdosh?)compared when no-shubhkartari. assume other things equal like bhav, aspects etc in chart.

  • Rj

    Dear Sir , my son is born on 04th march, 2020
    3.38 PM in Dubai .
    1) 7 th house is in Subh and Pap kartri . What would be the impact ?
    2) 9th house is in Subha kartati
    3) 11th house in Subha kartati . What should we expect further in life ?

    • admin

      Dear Rj,
      Your son horoscope is very good.
      A house under shubh karatri enhance the good result of that house.
      So,(1) he will achieve his goal in life
      (2)Luck will favor him
      (3)Income will be very good in life

  • R pristine

    Sirl; If Kuj is under strong Shubh-Kartari, will there be some reduction in it’s bad drishti-effects in the chartl? Thanks. Regards.

    • admin

      Dear R Pristine,
      Any planet under shubh kartari reduce its bad effect to the native.
      But dristi is based on the nature of planet.
      It will give benefit to the house where placed.

  • R pristine

    Sir;Thank you for reply. So, though kuj under shubh-kartari(with its Reduced bad effects) will Still give SAME-undiminished bad effects to houses it Aspects,ie 4th7th8th from it–IS it So?
    but will give benefit to Only the House where kuj is placed?
    Thanks in advance. Regards.

  • Dev

    My paap kartari yog is formed by moon placed in 6th house, ketu in 5ht house and saturn in 7th house.
    My ascendant is taurus.
    I feel like i am tensed all the time.
    Please tell me the remedy.

    • admin

      Dear Mr.Dev,
      Your Moon is the lord of third house and hemmed by Saturn and Ketu.
      So ,your mental state, courage ,wittiness and communication ,health,
      ability to face challenge will be hampered .
      As remedy strengthen your Moon by chanting OM daily.
      Do chant Shani and Ketu Beej mantra daily.

  • Kusum Maurya

    My name is gudiya
    date of birth is 28 october 1990
    time of birth 7:15 pm
    Place of birth is Delhi

    I want to know is paap kartari yog present in my kundli Or not..

    Please reply

  • Gudiya

    My name is gudiya
    date of birth is 28 october 1990
    time of birth 7:15 pm
    Place of birth is Delhi

    I want to know is paap kartari yog present in my kundli Or not..

    Please reply

    • admin

      Dear Gudiya,
      Sorry for delayed answer(I was suffering from corona).
      In your birth chart there are two paap Kartari yoga formed.
      Third house has been hemmed By Mars and ketu .So your courage
      and communication will be affected.
      Seventh house has been hemmed by Saturn and Sun.

  • R pristine

    Sir/madam; Awaiting reply to my questions dt 13.02.21. Thanks in anticipation.

  • Neelkant karthik

    Sir my Name is Neelkant karthik,
    My SON IS 19.03.1983
    Time of birth is 1:20pm and Place of birth is Nagercoil. I think I have papakartri yoga on the sixth house jupiter .What will be the effects of this ? .
    Thank you

    • admin

      Dear Mr. Neelkanth,
      You have Paap kartari yoga in sixth house.
      As a result ,your job or service will be hampered.
      Take care of health, enemy and debt.

  • Asmitha


    My name is Asmitha.
    DOB: 7/6/94 12:58pm

    I was told my 7th house(both Lagna and navamsha) has paap kartari yoga is this true? Will it affect my marriage chances?
    I also have panch mahapurush yoga, guru chandal yoga and grahan yoga.

    • admin

      Dear Asmitha,
      If 7th house is hemmed by two or more malefic planets ,pap kartari yoga formed.
      Which house is affected ,the result will also affected badly.So ,as a remedy, the malefic planets must be pleased.

  • Liza

    Hello sir do I have paap kartari yoga? My Name is Liza date of birth:14/1/2002 hour 12:10pm place of birth: Athens. Is there any problem with my longevity too?

    • admin

      Dear Liza,
      You have Paap Kartari yoga in your birth chart.
      It will hamper your personalty not longevity.
      So you must do remedy to enhance your personality.

  • Sunil

    Hi Sir,

    Do I have paap kartari yoga?
    My data; born 17 march 1991, 15:43pm. The Netherlands, city: Venray. You would help me a lot with this. I am facing rahu antardasha but will end at 24 July 2022. My Mahadasha is Venus. I also see I will go to Sasha yoga or something. Jupiter enters my rashi Pisces and lagna is Leo. Thank you very much, its been very difficult since rahu antardasha.

    Kind regards,

  • Jagi

    Hello Sir. I was told that I have Papa Kartari Yoga in 5th house. Moon seems to be under Papa Kartari Dosh. My DOB -> 31/01/2004 @07:25A.M. Chennai, Tamil Nadu
    How bad would it be affecting my 5th House and my moon. I have frequent mood swings and anxiety and even sometimes depressed.

    • admin

      Dear Jagi,
      Your Moon is in exalted sign,and in teenage,
      so nothing to worry for Moon.But fifth house is
      hemmed by Mars-Rahu and Saturn.Thats why You
      have Mood swing and depression.
      Do Mars,Rahu and Saturn graha shanti puja by a
      learned pandit ji.

  • Sadhith

    Hello, sir. I am currently pursuing MBA but one astrologer said that I’d have trouble in job and may even suffer more if I get one. My Date of Birth:
    Birthday: 25.01.2000
    Place: Chennai
    Time: 08:56 PM

    • admin

      Dear Sidhit,
      Within five months you may face trouble in job.
      but higher education (MBA) will definitely give
      financial benefit In future.

  • Vansh

    Hello sir! According to the below planetary positions, does the native have paap kartari yoga?
    1st lord moon in 11th house in Taurus
    2nd lord Sun in 3rd house in Virgo
    3rd lord mercury in 3rd house in Virgo
    4th lord Venus in 4th house in Libra
    5th lord Mars in 2nd house in Leo
    6th lord Jupiter in 1st house in Cancer
    7th lord Saturn in 12th house in Gemini
    8th lord Saturn in 12th house in Gemini
    9th lord Jupiter in 1st house in Cancer
    10th lord Mars in 2nd house in Leo
    11th lord Venus in 4th house in Libra
    12th lord Mercury in 3rd house in Virgo
    Rahu in 11th house in Taurus
    Ketu in 5th house in Scorpio

    • admin

      Dear Vansh,
      Ascendannt is hemmed by papa karatri yoga by Mars and Saturn.
      And also fourth house is hemmed by papa karatari yea by Ketu and Sun.

  • Pranav

    In my kundli paap and shubh katari is formed will it be cancel because both are present?Overall how is my kundli?
    my birth date is 19/03/2003
    time is 8:15 AM

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