Guru Chandal Dosh—-


It is an inauspicious combination of Auspicious planet Jupiter and Malefic Shadowy Planet Rahu Or Ketu.Rahu is considered as Dragon’s Head which contains Venom and Ketu is considered as Dragon’s tail.So the combination of jupiter and Rahu create more dangerous Guru chandal Dosh In comparison to jupiter and Ketu created Guru Chandal Dosh.


We will discuss the consequences of this  inauspicious combination.


When in any house of the birth chart ,Jupiter sits with Rahu,Guru chandal dosh is created.

Its literal meaning is Guru means Teacher who is learned and polite and Rahu means a low category person whose language is very raw or discourteous .Rahu is ferocious.Rahu uses slang language and its anger knows no bounds.When in a chart this dosh has found,such person become blind in the state of anger.During the state of anger he or she forgets the education,family background,culture and the present situation.This dosh hamper the image and respect in society.


Guru Chandal Dosh creates sudden anxiety translated into furious behaviour.Sudden provocation makes them very volatile.


Let’s discuss how it affects different aspects of life when created in different houses.


1First house–It directly affects the native personality and image in society How much learned he or she may be,such native fumble with anger and behave very peculiarly .In such situation he or she forgets the present and dwell in past injustice happen to them and shouts upon the present people.Even sometimes they slapped themselves very rudely.Bang their head against hard surface or wall.Such irrational behavior create a wrong impression of them which later on they repent.


2.Second house–It directly affects the family.They use faul words ,they beat others but inside the house.They try to turture family members.They behave as slaves to other family members when in anger.


3.Third House–It directly affects their behavior.In anger they become very ferocious and they can be very violent also but harm physically to themselves only.


4.Fourth House.–It creates a dual personality.Such person is very polite and well mannered in public but very differently behaved at home.When in anger  the home environment will be very tense.They show their anger at home only.So they possess dual personality.


5.Fifth House–In such birth chart the native  become very sensitive regarding their education.Later on they become very possessive of their love and children.They have much expectation from their loved one.If they will not get their expected attention from loved one or respect from children they become very angry.They cann be very rude to their partner and children.They demand extraordinary attention,respect and care.


6.Sixth House–Such native are not reluctant to show their tantrums to servants.They expect much more respect from subordinates in job.Anger and anxiety make them a very ill mannered person.This dosh make them blind in anger as they dare to scold boss on the back side.Anger defame them easily.


7.Seventh House–It affects their married life.They never lead a happy married life.It spoils the harmony with life partner.They always find fault and abuse very badly.In the state of anger they can abuse physically also whether a husband or wife .They perceived as abnormal by their life partner.


8.Eighth House–It affects the pride of ancestors.If Guru chandal Dosh formed in the eighth house ,the native became the most unfortunate.The pride of ancestors diminish due to natives’ wild behavior.Excessive anger curb the reputation of forefathers


9.Ninth House–It affects the respect and reputation of the father.Here Guru chandal dosh make the native offensive and disrespectful towards elders,teachers and fatherly figure.In anger they can humiliate any of them on which they have to pay heavily.


10.Tenth House–It affects their career.If Guru Chandal dosh exists in this house,it affects their performance and they may be deprived of promotion in spite of their skill and education.It affects their reputation ,image and impression in the work environment.


11.Eleventh House–It affects their relation with elerly siblings and with their friend.So they can’t maintain cordial relation with brother and they cant have a good friend.Their anger make them a loner.


12.Twelfth House– It affects their mental peace and marital life.Even they can’t have compatibility with any love parter.It makes their life hell.They become more furious out of dissatisfaction in personal life.


 When Guru Channdal dosh formed by Jupiter and ketu ,the intensity will become less but always harmful.


As a remedy,Rahu or ketu must be pacified by doing daan.


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