Prediction for 2022–

Aries–Those born under Aries ascendant or Aries Moon sign– 1.Transfer is a possibility for persons in jobs. 2.Chances of promotion are very high. 3.You may gain from property dealings. 4.For those who are in business chances of making good profit or a reduction of losses are there. 5.Those who are considering marriage chances of marriage are very bright. 6.Those who […]

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Six planets in Capricorn on 10th Feb,2021

SIX PLANETS IN ONE SIGN—EFFECTS — On 10th February ,2021 six planets are going to transit over Capricorn moon sign. The planets are Rude Sun, Emotional Moon, Logic master Mercury, knowledgeable Jupiter, Lovable Venus and Disciplinarian Saturn. The effects or impact of these six planets will be effective for next one month. Followings are the different effects on different moon […]

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prediction for 2021

PREDICTION FOR 2021—   The following Astrological Predictions are for the year 2021 based on each Ascendant. The shadowy Planet Rahu and Ketu will Transit over Nakshatra. Rahu will transit over Rohini Nakshatra on 27th of January,2021. On 22nd January,2021 Saturn will transit over Shravana Nakshatra. On 6th April ,2021 Jupiter will enter into Aquarious Rashi from Capricorn.On 15th September […]

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