Dharma, Kama, Artha and Moksha are the four goals of life. Each one of us makes efforts to achieve these goals depending on our age and circumstances. If efforts are made when the stars are favourable better results follow. Come let the light ( Jyoti) of Jyotishya Shastra help you achieve more year on year.

Your effort (karma) is 30%, your Luck (bhagya) is 50% and the blessing of God (Ishwar Kripa) is 20%. Get all three combined in your life to lead a successful, happy and prosperous life taking the guidance of Vedic Astrology.

Get the support of your luck, work sincerely and last but not the least, take proper guidance of a learned and experienced Astrologer.

Mantras chanted and poojas conducted with devotion help you to focus your energies and get the divine blessings to achieve your goals.

Satvik Mantras drive away bad thoughts, generate good and satvik thoughts and fill you with positive energy.

Know the right Mantra to please your ISHTA DEVATA by learning from your Astrologer and make your life successful.

FAITH on God is invisible, but it has the power to connect you with the SUPREME power,

Here you can get the guidance from experienced astrologer Ms.Shashwata Baliga on important aspects of life and remedies through Satvik poojas and Satvik Mantras.

You can have career guidance as well as know the right time to go for change.

Get advice on poojas and mantras to facilitate your marriage.

Through remedial astrology and sincere work you can help your child to perform better.

Get the right direction in search of a life partner and compatibility with your partner which is the vital factor that matters in the long run.

You can also get guidance on profitable business for you.

Remedial Astrology includes the rectification of combust, weak or afflicted planet, curse (shraap) and inauspicious yoga in kundali.

You can consult on reducing the bad effects of Shani Sadhe Sati, Kal Sarpa Dosha and Manglik Dosh( Kuja Dosh).

By appeasing the right planets and Devtas you can reduce the malefic effects of such Doshas and Planets.

Shape your FUTURE as per your wish by knowing the movements of Heavenly Bodies through Vedic Astrology.

Human Beings are driven by the desire to grow and improve their status in life. All persons who achieve in life put in great efforts to realize their goals. Hurdles, bad patches are inevitable in life. To get maximum results from the efforts and success in projects undertaken, the knowledge of good periods and bad periods is of great help. This is where “Astro- Solutions by Smt Shashwata. R. Baliga” can help you achieve your goals and success in the great undertakings of yours.

“Astro- Solutions by Smt Shashwata.R.Baliga” can help you to recognize and foretell bad periods so that you do not waste resources and do not end up with disappointing results.
“Astro Solutions” is the Way to remove hurdles.

To know more about us and avail our astro-services for your benefits, please drop an enquiry here.

Ya devi sarvabhuteshu daya rupena samsthita ||
Namas tasyai, namas tasyai, namas tasyai namo namah ||

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