Colours and Astrology

COLOURS AND Astrology—
As human beings and colors are energy bodies, they influence each other .So avoidance of the colors which the weak planet representing is genuine .Using the colors of a negative planet attract more negativity .Wearing or using strong planet’s color empowered more positive and beneficial factors to the native .Colors are an important aspect to understand the personality, mind and emotion .So also, in astrological language colors has great revelation of native’s Ascendant and Moon sign.
Planets related to colors——
1 .SUN—Pink
2. MOON—White
3. MARS—Red
4. MERCURY—Green
5. JUPITER—Yellow
6. VENUS—White
7. SATURN—Blue
8. RAHU—Black
9. KETU–Grey
REVELATION OF COLOURS—there are three types of colors, Primary colors, Secondary colors and Tertiary colors. This shows the relationship between these color hues. Red, Orange, Yellow are warm colors and Blue, Purple, Green are cool colors.
According to chromo therapy, colors has healing power of mood, mind, thought process, perception and personality.
1 .RED, the leader—every color has two side effects, positive and negative. The positive side of Red color are courage, physical strength, stimulation, excitement and energy. The negative side of Red color are aggression and disobedience.
RED is a very powerful color as it has the longest wavelength. This is the fastest eye catching color ,so used in TRAFFIC SIGNAL .It grabs our attention more quickly than other color .One should aware that the good side of red creates passion and bad side provoke revenge and creates anger.
2. BLUE, the teacher– every color has two side effects, positive and negative. The positive side of Blue color are calmness, trust and communication. The negative side of Blue color are detachment and unfriendliness.
Blue is the color of mind, so it’s a soothing color which directly affect mental condition .A darker tone of blue stimulate clear thought .A tint of blue improves our concentration and make the mind calm. One should aware that the good side improve logic and bad side make the native unemotional and inflexible.
3. YELLOW, the communicator— every color has two side effects, positive and negative. The positive side of Yellow color are confidence, optimism, self -esteem, friendly and emotional strength. The negative side of yellow color are depression, fear, anxiety and irrationality.
Yellow is the strongest color ,it represent mind and intellect .A darker side of yellow stimulate clear thought .A tint of yellow lift self-esteem ,where as too much of it can create fear and anxiety or self -esteem to collapse.
1 .GREEN, the counselor—every color has two side effects, positive and negative. The positive side of Green color are harmony, love, peace, help and growth. The negative side of Green color are dullness and boredom.
Green is the color of balance, so our eyes easily adjusted to green color. A color of observer, listener and trust worthy .As green is the combination of yellow (great communicator) and blue (the teacher) it represents optimism .But a tone of green signify stagnation and boredom.
2. ORANGE, the adventurer– every color has two side effects, positive and negative. The positive side of Orange color are sensuality, passion, fun and abundance. The negative side of Orange color are deprivation, immaturity and frustration.
Orange colure has the strange capacity to help to recover from disappointment and despair. It produce warmth and happiness by the mixture of energetic red and cheerful yellow .It makes stubborn also .Exact opposite mindset. .removal or denial .Too much of this color indicates a lack of intellectual value of serious nature.
3. PURPLE, the philosopher— every color has two side effects, positive and negative. The positive side of Purple color are containment, vision, truth and spiritual awareness. The negative side of Purple color are suppression, inferiority complex, introversion and decadence.
Purple is the color of balance, the balancing scale between physical energy and spiritual energy. It helps our awareness to expand .It gives a desire for luxury. But a tone of purple can promote depression.
Now let’s talk about some more colors—
PINK, the Lover—It indicates towards feminist, love, sexuality, warmth and nurture .It stands for compassion, love and care. Inhibition is its negative affect .A weak physic and emotional phobia are the negative part of Pink color .Pink is a feminine color as its care for others and Pink is a romantic color as it is a thought provoking color.
GREY ,the old — It indicates towards neutrality .The negative effects of this color are lack of confidence ,dampness ,depression and lack of energy .Hibernation is the other specialty. Grey is an unemotional color, stable and solid .It is a color of maturity and responsibility .But a tone of grey is indicate fear of exposure.
WHITE, the doctor—It indicates purity. Hygiene, sterility and cleanliness are the positive effects of the coluor WHITE .Coldness is the negative aspect of white .It is a color of new beginning .white is the color of peace, encouragement, hope and comforts. Excessive use of white can effect as isolation and detachment.
BLACK, the Boss—It indicates towards sophistication .Safety and security(emotional)are the positive effect of black .Oppression and heaviness are the negative impact of Black color .It creates an impression of seriousness also..
But as in Black color, light is totally absent, it is considered as menacing .It I s the most recessive color .

*Tint—Adding White to a color
*Tone—Adding Black to a color
*Hues—any color except white and Black



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