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Astrologer Shashwata.R.Baliga answers your questions from an astrological perspective. She specializes in the topics of personality, relationships, love – marriage, education & career.

If you have a question for Shashwata, please be specific and include your full birth data (include birthday, time and place for best results). Fictional names are fine. We may publish both your question and an astrologer’s answer in this column. We adhere to a strict privacy policy regarding email addresses.

Please understand that we cannot answer all questions we receive. We receive a large volume of emails and we are sorry but time does not permit answering all or even most of them! We cannot give a full, detailed reading in this column.


Have Questions?

If you can’t find your answer here, send us an email and we’ll be happy to help answer your questions. You can see all of our contact information here.

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  • Jayant Gaitonde


  • Smitha Harish

    Congratulations and All the very best !!

  • Atulesh Srivastava

    Congratulations!!! Your site contains the amazing information on astrological aspects and their influences on human being. I really enjoyed going through the sections like Astro Gyaan, Astro Predictions and your articles under Recent Posts are worthy to read&follow. I’ll be visiting often, staying connected to your powerful and positive energy in between readings. Thank you for sharing your wonderful piece of work.Keep it up 🙂

    Atulesh Srivastava
    Sao Paulo, Brazil

  • Yogesh Rathore

    jai MAA mahalaxmi


    Congratulations!!! your site cotains v.nice information on Astrology&influences of its aspects on human being.

    Asha vora

  • sitanshu swain

    Very nice mam

  • sitanshu swain

    Nice job

  • Manjula Pai

    Thank you Dear Shaswata Baliga for your prompt service and answering my questions with your in depth knowledge of Astrology. The Astro solutions to bring positivity in our life is immensely helpful. Your knowledge and understanding of Astro Science helps us in our daily life to perform better and be connected to inner soul. We appreciate your service in such short time and to accommodate to answer our query according to international time.

    Your website also provides rich information and contains useful information. My husband too joins in thanking you and we both wish you good luck and Congratulations.

    Manjula Pai
    Auckland, New Zealand

  • Jatin Doshi

    24-07-1975 19:54 pm Hyderabad india how will be my career during my shani mahadasha starting from 29th sept 2016.plz guide me madam
    Jatin Doshi

  • Sankaranarayanan

    Which planet rules inorganic and physical chemistry if organic chemistry is ruled by ketu..?pls answer as soon as possible

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