Rahu Transit 2019

Rahu will start its transit over Gemini on 7th March at 2.48 A.M. It will in transit over Gemini till 23rd September 2020 a period of one year six months sixteen days. Rahu is a terrible and cruel planet ( Chhaya Graha) . It is exalted in Taurus and debilitated in Scorpio. By nature, it is supposed to be dry […]

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Everyday remedies

In our day today’s busy life it is not possible to chant mantra daily or recite any long Stotra. But we can do small nice thing which will help mankind or animals or plants. Here are few such things— Don’t mistreat animals. 2 .Keep peacock feather near you( in work place or at home). 3.Hang Silver Swastik on the front […]

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