when we sleep some thoughts, or images,events or situations that comes to our mind as dream. Dreams can occur ,can happen anytime during sleep .Actually a thought is translated to visual images.

There are different types of Sleep.

1.kaal nidra

2.sushupti nidra—deep sleep

3.”sleep” during meditation is called yoga nidra or you can say yogic sleep.

4.Bhoga nidra.. is a state of sleep,happens in a person’s mind who has a very strong desire for worldly pleasure.

5.Shoka Nidra.. is another state of sleep,when the person is in sorrow

6.when a person sleep after a tremendous hard work,that sleep is called shrama nidra.

7 .We called it Duschinta nidra..when a person is worried in real life.

8.Kamendriya nidra

9.Roga nidra.. is the sleep during ill health,when suffering from any disease.

10.Biraha nidra..

11.Bisaya-sakta nidra is , A person who has a strong inclination towards sensual pleasure,such person’s sleep is Bisaya-sakta nidra

  1. Shanti nidra..is the sleep where a person sleep without any worry

and last but not least

sushupti nidra.. the DEEP SLEEP

Among all these sleeps ,sushupti nidra or” deep sleep” is the state where consciousness roams the universe separate from the mind. So,the dream is not the reflection of mind rather it is an indication , a message.

The dream we see in the third and fourth prahar of night ,comes true in real life.


  1. SNAKE– Snake is a reptile of different colors and it is poisonous. Every person whether awake or asleep is afraid of the snake.

1.when a snake running after a person in dream, it means some danger is coming in near future. The person may face objection or obstruction in life.


2.If the snake is running after a person and the person stopped running all of sudden and turn back and the snake also stay stand still, it means the person will encounter with danger and no harm will happen. The person will be saved. I have noticed that generally teenagers dream such events happening in their dream.


3.In case,in dream, the snake is running after a person and capture the person move around the body unhurt, it indicate a very dangerous situation is awaiting you in real life. The person will survive without physical harm but mental trauma will exist for quite long time.


CASE STUDY–{{In 1990,a 16 year old girl was harassed by someone .when she came to consult my father who was a lawyer, that time I got a chance to had a talk with that girl. She told me ,she saw in dream that a snake was running after her and capture her though not bitten by the snake. she was scared. I told her the dream was indicating this situation which she should took care.}}

In some cases the mental trauma may be due to any embarrassing situation or false allegation ,may be due to any accusation for which confinement is possible.


4.When in dream ,a snake bites, it is an indication of financial profit.


5.When a person dream a snake laying near any water body, it means the person may be afraid of something.


6.Dream of Cobra is an indication of ill health .The person will fall sick in near future.


2.GURU—Dreaming Guru or teacher or sadhu is a positive dream.


1.When a person dreams a known teacher or guru, it is an indication of enlightenment

, an indication for new learning, an indication to acquire knowledge. It is also an indication of good news received from a far off place or from a foreign country. Good things will happen in future.


2.Dream of any religious guru whom you cant recognize who he is, such dream indicates the person will be associated with any religious activity. The person will get opportunity to be associated with any religious Guru. Or Sadhu.

3.If a person dreams that he or she is in trouble and a sadhu is giving consolation ,such dream indicate ,the person will get help in real life and get relieve from trouble by the help of a sadhu .I know a person who was blessed by a sadhu.. in dream. Next day morning a fakir from shirdi came to his house and gave a stone as blessings. As advised by the fakir he kept the stone inside a wooden box. After 5 days his problem in business solved and his partner narrated the same dream .It was not coincident. Dream indicates something.


4.But, if a pregnant lady when dream a sanyasi or ascetic person, the possibility of miscarriage or abortion is very high. So, the lady should be very careful and must take the remedial measure. It is because ,an ascetic person or a sadhu or a monk do not marry for religious purpose,they lead a secluded life away from society. and they are into spirituality and meditation .On the contrary a pregnant lady lead a life opposite in nature.


5.To visit a sadhu and get blessing from him is really a good indication for happiness in real life. This dream give happiness and contentment in real life .


3.WATER—There are many water bodies ,stagnant or running water bodies. Sea,Pond ,river ,well ,dam etc .when water is stagnant it reveals some different thing .Water flowing in the form of river or fountain reveals some different message in dream.


1.Dream of bath in a river indicates auspicious thing will happen in real life .It is also an indication that if a person has great repentance or in agony or sorrow ,he will get relief.


2.Dream of river full to the brim, means the financial condition will improve in real life. River full to the brim, itself reveals plenty of water,the river is not dry .Its full, its give us happiness,a satisfaction ,a content ..as water is our life .we cant survive without water so also we need Money.So, the dream of water in the form of river is an indication of future monetary flow in life.


3.Dream of flood indicates coming danger in life, the dreamer may trapped into a situation or may develop attachment with someone or with something. I t is difficult to control flood,we cant control.


4.When dream of playing in river or in swimming pool or in sea waves ,the person may fall in love and may get married to the beloved one. We enjoy playing..particularly we enjoy much to play in water.


5.When dream water animal inside water ,the person will face very critical situation in near future in real life. It is because water animals are dangerous by nature,they can kill.


6.Travel in sea root is a fortunate dream. The person will get money, may involved in religious work. Self awareness will increase. I know a Geography professor who had such dream ,she was very exited for that dream as she saw water everywhere ,in the mid of sea and she was happy,not drown ,that dream made her very happy. I told her not to worry and wait for the good result which was about to come. After some days ,she got 2 lakhs as her article got award in eastern Asia.


7.Dream of dirty water indicates false accusation and physical pain in real life.


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