Everyday remedies

In our day today’s busy life it is not possible to chant mantra daily or recite any long Stotra.

But we can do small nice thing which will help mankind or animals or plants.

Here are few such things—

  1. Don’t mistreat animals.

2 .Keep peacock feather near you( in work place or at home).

3.Hang Silver Swastik on the front door of your house.

4.Keep silver Elephant in th eplac eof worship at home.

5.Donate blankets.

6.Ignite camphor in office or at home.

7.Feed birds  or Cow/buffalo.

8.Dont accept anything from others out of greediness.

9.Wear silver chain around your neck.

10.Keep one silver ball or a square piece of silver in your purse.

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