Jupiter Retrograde,2019

Retro Jupiter,2019–

Jupiter becomes retrograde on 10th April 2019,Wednesday at 10:30pm and becomes progressive on 11August ,2019,sunday at 07:07pm.The duration of Jupiter retrograde motion will be 123 days.

The effects of retrograde Jupiter on different ascendants(lagnas) are as follows–

1.Aries—Jupiter will be favorable for the native in performing the religious pursuits.

Personality will grow, personality will be influential. Communication will be more

impressive. Short journey is possible .Jupiter affect 70 percent good and 30 percent negative.

2.Taurus—Jupiter will be favorable for the native in performing the religious pursuits.

Jupiter affect 70 percent good and 30 percent negative. Higher education is possible

if intent to do so. Enhance memory power .Develop the knowledge on secret science.

Get heavenly knowledge .Get social recognition.

3.Gemini—Jupiter will bless you to lead a good married life .Income will increase. You will be

aware of self respect. Your communication will be good and responded well.

4.Cancer— Jupiter will bring you new opportunity in job sector. So you may change job and get a

new one. You may invest money on short term profit. Finance will be good.

5.Leo—Jupiter will favorable for you to do sadhana or meditation under a very competent Master

(Guru).You will spent quality time with your children. Those interested for spiritual practice

this time period will be the most favorable .Personality will be glorified.

6.Virgo—Jupiter will bless you a good family life. The atmosphere will be controlled by Jupiter’s

auspiciousness (love, kindness, mutual understanding) .New job opportunity will come. May

get parental property if any. Foreign travel is a possibility.

7.Libra—Jupiter will make your communication very effective .Your married life will be better than

before. You will be involved in religious work. Income will increase.

8.Scorpio—Jupiter will help you to increase in bank balance. You will lead good family life .Health

will be good .Possibility of gain from parents is there.

9.Sagittarius—Jupiter will give you very good result. The relation with children will be very good.

Luck will favor you. Married life will be very good.

10. Capricorn— This is a very good time to gain heavenly knowledge. Home life will be satisfactory.

Gain from parents is possible. Health will be good.

11.Aquarius—Financially a good time. Your income will increase. Communication will be effective.

The support and love from children will be very good. Married life will be good. The

communication and boldness will give you benefit.

12.Pieces—This is a very good time to enhance your knowledge on secret science .Good time to do

meditation or get”Vakshidhhi”. This is a favorable time to gather knowledge as you will

memorize quickly .Home environment will be peaceful and you may get support from

home and society also.

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